Robuuste, hoog presterende, alles-in-een industriële Panel PC's met briljante schermen

Product Family SIMATIC Panel PC

De SIMATIC Panel PC portfolio optimaal geschikt voor visualisatie taken direct op de machine of in de plant. De alles-in-een Panel PC's integreren een industriële PC en een bedieningspaneel. Ze overtuigen door hun robuustheid, prestaties en een heldere scherm. Door de verschillende familileden in de SIMATIC Panel PC familie, voldoen deze aan een breed scala van eisen in de productie- en procesautomatisering.


Ontworpen voor industrie

Met onze SIMATIC IPC's, kunt u rekenen op de hoogste kwaliteit. We hebben deze deze apparaten ontworpen voor een betrouwbare continue werking in een industriële omgeving. Om aan onze kwaliteitsnormen te voldoen van het ontwikkelingsproces tot het product zelf, produceren wij de moederborden voor verhoogde industriële eisen in de modernste fabrieken in Duitsland.

Als het gaat om kwaliteit, laten we niets aan het toeval over: te beginnen in de ontwikkelingsfase, richten we ons op de kwaliteit van het ontwerp van de onderdelen tot de selectie van componenten. De productie gebeurt in geconditioneerde hallen met een constante temperatuur en luchtvochtigheid, speciale testprocedures en proeven waarborgen 100% correct functioneren en de naleving van alle technische specificaties. De kwaliteit van de verpakking van het product is bijzonder hoog en voldoen aan de strenge verzendrichtlijnen om ervoor te zorgen dat het product in perfecte staat aankomt. Wij voldoen niet alleen aan de eisen van de CE-en UL goedkeuringen, maar we overstijgen deze. Dit wordt aangetoond door regelmatige inspecties van de productie.


Op deze manier beschermen wij uw investering. Omdat de producten ook voldoen aan onze eigen Siemens standaard SN 36350-1 voor milieuvriendelijk product ontwerp, verlagen wij de invloed op de milieu van productie tot afbraak.

Product assortiment

De SIMATIC Panel IPC portfolio in een oogopslag

SIMATIC IPC277E - Embedded IPC

Based on the IPC227E Box PC, the SIMATIC IPC277E Panel PC provides the highest industry functionality for flexible deployment in harsh conditions – and all this maintenance-free.


The Nanopanel PC SIMATIC IPC277E is a flexible embedded industrial PC with rugged and durable displays. It is based on the Box PC IPC227E technologically and provides the highest industry functionality for flexible deployment in harsh conditions – and all this maintenance-free.


This Panel PC is characterized by modern interfaces and high flexibility in the selection of the display. The power-saving Intel dual and quad core processors provide the best performance for visualization and control tasks.

  • High flexibility in the selection of rugged widescreen fronts
    - 7"- 19" widescreen displays with high resolution and wide viewing angles
    - Fully dimmable displays reduce energy consumption and increase the service life
    - Modern multitouch versions in 12“, 15" and 19" for innovative machine operation
  • Rugged design for maintenance-free, continuous operation
    - Maximum industrial functionality due to IP65 front for optimum dust protection and high electromagnetic compatibility
    - Backup of important system data with non-volatile retentive memory (NVRAM, optional)
    - Designed for 24/7 continuous operation at up to 50 °C ambient temperature and high vibration/shock requirements
    - Maintenance-free operation – no fan, no moving parts
    - Battery-free operation possible (with time-of-day synchronization over network)
  • Optimized for use for visualization tasks with additional functionality
    - High-performance and energy-efficient dual-core and quad-core Intel Celeron processors
    - A variety of interfaces and configuration options (USB 3.0, 2 x Gbit Ethernet, RS232/RS485, SSD/CFast)
    - Front USB for easy data exchange (15"/ 19" display, Single Touch)
  • High investment security for reducing engineering costs
    - Long-term availability: Service & support period up to 11 years
    - Ideal platform for SIMATIC software controller and/or WinCC RT Advanced
    - Easy integration into automation solutions using the TIA Portal and onboard PROFINET interfaces
  • Versatile deployment
    - Visualization and control tasks, for example in mechanical engineering, plant construction, transportation systems or power transmission
    - Acquisition of data, further processing, and visualization as data gateway or for data monitoring
    - Machine-level applications that require additional C/C++ programs
    - Additional new applications, for example, shipbuilding, building automation, warehousing & logistics


The SIMATIC IPC 377E Panel PC: an immediately available, economical package comprising a SIMATIC Industrial PC and operator display for industrial applications.


The SIMATIC IPC377E Panel PC provides a preconfigured, turnkey and complete solution comprising a SIMATIC Industrial PC and a brilliant, rugged single-touch display with glass front available with 12, 15 or 19 inch diagonal screen. The Panel PC is especially well suited for all industrial applications, especially for economical implementation of HMI applications, the acquisition and networking of production and energy data in production environments, such as assembly workstations, warehouses and logistics systems, or for standard applications in the image processing field. It is easy to integrate also in existing machines and plant concepts. The SIMATIC IPC377E is available directly from stock in a total of six variants (12"/15"/19", each without operating system or with preinstalled Windows 7 Ultimate / Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB 2016) and at an attractive package with corresponding HMI software.

  • Powerful and future-proof thanks to latest PC technology
    - Latest Intel Celeron Quad Core processor (N3160, 1.6 GHz)
    - Expandable up to 8 GB RAM
    - Gigabit Ethernet
    - USB 3.0
    - mini PCI for easy expansion
    - Device design without fan
  • Standards for easy integration into existing systems
    - VGA Interface
    - Up to 4 x COM (RS232/RS485/RS422)
    - Up to 4 x USB
  • Industry-standard display for fatigue-free work
    - Anti-glare glass front, analog-resistive with single-touch operation, scratchproof and resistant to chemicals
    - Sharp and high-contrast image representation with uniform brightness for better readability
    - Metal surround for protection from damage
  • Reliable in industrial environments thanks to SIMATIC quality
    - Designed for 24/7 operation
    - Run in Test
    - Certificates for worldwide use
  • Economical package for industrial applications
    - Coordinated configuration
    - Packages for HMI applications
  • Available immediately and over the long term
    - Six variants available directly from stock
    - Three years of availability plus an additional three years of repair and spare parts service


SIMATIC IPC477E - Embedded IPC

The SIMATIC IPC477E is a fan-free embedded panel PC with powerful 6th generation Intel Core-i processor for complex visualization and control tasks.


The SIMATIC IPC477E is a fan-free embedded panel PC for complex visualization and control tasks with single- and multi-touch display.

It is maintenance-free and can be configured, integrated, and commissioned flexibly and simply. With its rugged metal enclosure, it can withstand even severe mechanical stress.

  • Fast data processing for high productivity
    - Top performance in the embedded segment with 6th generation Intel Core-i processors
    - Scalable with 4 different processors – from Intel Celeron to Intel Xeon
    - Latest memory technology with ECC and DDR4 up to 16 GB
  • Highly flexible mounting for space-saving installation
    - Low mounting depth (ambient temperature up to 50 °C)
    - Installation in control cabinets and consoles, 19" cabinets/racks
  • High degree of industrial functionality and flexibility for implementing embedded solutions
    - Brilliant touch displays as single or multitouch versions in widescreen formats 15", 19" and 22"
    - Flexible operating design with installation in landscape or portrait format
    - Flexible memory concepts (SSD, CFast, or HDD)
    - 3 x LAN 10/100/1000 Mbps connections; teaming-capable
    - Onboard PROFINET interface (optional)
    - 4 x high-speed USB 3.0 ports at back, 1 x USB 3.0 at front; 2 serial interfaces
    - Can be expanded easily through PCIe slot
    - On/off switch
  • High system availability in order to reduce the risk of potential failures and maintenance costs
    - Maintenance-free because of no rotating parts (fans, hard disks) and operation without battery possible
    - 512 KB NVRAM for SIMATIC Software Controller in order to back up critical data
    - System-tested SIMATIC software
  • High investment security in order to reduce engineering costs
    - Long-term availability: Service and support period of 8 to 10 years after market launch
    - Compatibility with regard to installation and interfaces


The "all-in-one" Panel PC SIMATIC IPC677D with single-touch or multi-touch is distinguished by high performance, openness and expandability.


Equipped with a brilliant and durable full HD Display it combines great processing power with lucid visualization. With an optional RAID configuration the IPC677D meets high demands on system availability for mission critical applications.Two PCI expansion slots offer the flexibility to integrate diverse applications.

With its robust industrial design the Panel PC SIMATIC IPC677D has been designed for use directly at the machine. Due to the scalable performance and great number of possible device variants the IPC677D is suitable for all tasks in the area of PC-based automation even in case of higher requirements concerning the availability of the complete system.

  • High performance and extremely fast system response
    - Intel® processors (Intel Xeon, Core i3, Celeron)
    - Powerful onboard HD graphics integrated into the CPU
    - Up to 16 GByte main memory 
  • Extremely high system availability and data security
    - RAID 1 system with onboard RAID controller- Solid-state drive (SSD) with 240 GB (SATA, SLC)
    - ECC RAM, work memory with error correction for maximum data integrity and system stability
    - Retentive data memory for storing the process data after a voltage drop
  • Remote access via Intel AMT 9.0
  • Optional PROFIBUS or PROFINET IRT interfaces for cost-effective connection of distributed field devices or to couplings with SIMATIC S7
  • High data transmission rates and redundancy thanks to two teaming-capable Gigabit Ethernet connections
  • 5 x high-speed USB 3.0 ports, one of which is arranged on the front of the Singletouch versions (the Multitouch versions have 4 x USB 3.0 on one side)
  • Energy-efficient Industrial PC
    - Low power consumption thanks to the latest mobile technology
    - Wake-on-LAN functionality for timed start-up of the IPC over the network, e.g. after a shutdown weekend

Design and functions


The SIMATIC IPC677D comes with a 15", 19" or a 22" full HD single- or multitouch screen in widescreen format for an efficient visualization and operation of the machine. The new multitouch displays are designed with a glass front and offers also IP65 protection like the singletouch front.

For applications without a central display needed, a version without display is available as Box PC SIMATIC IPC627D. 

The SIMATIC IPC677D is equipped with powerful processors (Intel Xeon, Core i3, Celeron). Thanks to the use of mobile processors with low power losses, 24-hour/365-daycontinuous operation is also possible at high ambient temperatures without any performance losses.

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