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The heart of automation®. For 25 years SITOP has been an indispensable part of industry. Join us in celebrating the anniversary of these innovative power supplies for the manufacturing and process industry.
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Anniversary offers, jan 1 - dec 31, 2018

Save 25% with our exclusive anniversary offers

Join us in celebrating 25 years of SITOP and get to know our reliable SITOP power supplies through two exclusive birthday offers. Secure your SITOP anniversary package now, with a one-time discount of 25% off the regular price of the individual components.

Top for 25 years

You can accept 25 years of success. Or celebrate it.

SITOP has been the heart of automation® for 25 years, reliably supplying the right DC voltage to industries around the world. Our extensive portfolio of power supplies and add-on modules offers proven quality and reliability, maximum performance and maximum efficiency. And more besides: continuous development and constant innovation have already made SITOP the industrial power supply for Industrie 4.0.

There’s a good reason for success. Three, in fact.

SITOP 360°

Experience SITOP from its best side. Or just from every side.

Discover fascinating facts about the SITOP industrial power supplies with an interactive 360° view. Learn everything you ever wanted to know about SITOP.
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SITOP power supplies have been used in all kinds of industrial applications for 25 years, and have proven their top reliability, top efficiency, and top integration with users and plant operators throughout the industry. Send us an email if you are as happy as we are about the anniversary of SITOP.
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Feel free to contact our expert team if you have any further questions about our SITOP power supplies, the 25th anniversary, or the two anniversary packages. We’re happy to help. SITOP in the Industry Mall

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