Volume flow measurement

Depending on the composition of the exhaust gas, temperature, stack diameter, and pressure conditions, etc., different measurement methods are used to determine volumetric flow and exhaust gas velocity in industrial exhaust gases: the impact pressure method or ultrasonic technology.

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Instruments for volume flow measurement

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D-FL 100 is a system for in-situ monitoring of dust emissions on smaller plants and in process applications. The system uses the double pass light attenuation principle. The system consists of a measuring head, a reflector, a purge air supply unit and a zero point reflector.


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Technical data

Measuring principle
Differential pressure
Flue gas volume flow, flue gas velocity
Typical measuring ranges for CEM

0 ... 3 000 000 m3/h

2 ... 50 m/s

Benefits at a glance

  • Measurement of flue gas velocity
  • Calculation of volume flow at standard conditions
  • Adjustable parameters
  • Automatic back-purging device (optional)
  • Versions with or without counter-support and for point measurement
  • Probes: 0.4 - 2 m/up to 4 m/up to 8 m
  • Options: Display and control unit, weather protection cover, special design in other materials, dP transducer in ex-version


D-FL 220 is a system for ultrasonic (transit time difference) measuring of flow rate and volume flow, especially for wet and aggressive smoke emissions in waste incineration applications. The system consists of two measuring heads, two purge flanges, two mounting flanges, a purge air unit and a terminal box for power supply.

Technical data

Measuring principle
Acoustic propagation delay
Gas volume flow, gas velocity, temperature
Typical measuring ranges for CEM

0 ... 3 000 000 m3/h

0 ... 40 m/s

0 ... 400 °C

Benefits at a glance

  • In-situ measuring principle
  • Measurement possible below dew point and for high dust concentrations
  • Continuous measurement of volume flow and gas velocity
  • Automatic zero point and reference point control
  • Remote access possible, digital interface
  • Operation with or without control unit
  • Very low maintenance


D-ISC 100 is a universal operating and display unit in stainless steel field housing for the new generation sensors, e.g. D-FL 100, D-FL 220, D-R 220 or D-R 320. 

Technical Data

Operating and display unit
0/4 ... 20 mA; 3 x relay
Digital input


Service interface

Benefits at a glance

  • Easy set-up and automatic detection of up to eight connected sensors
  • Uniform parameterization of various sensors
  • Large LC Display for measured value display
  • Comfortable operation and handling via keyboard
  • USB interface for local device operation
  • Modular design, expansion slots and slot for external converter available
  • Easy update via SD memory card
  • Remote support via intranet/internet
  • Power supply 24 V DC/2 A for one directly connected sensor
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