Extractive continuous process gas analytics

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Whether for gas analysis in chemistry or for rotary kiln monitoring in cement works, whether for flue gas monitoring in waste incineration plants or in power plants – choose from a complete portfolio of measuring instruments for extractive continuous process gas analytics.

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Methods of extractive continuous process gas analytics

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Extractive measuring methods are characterized by the fact that the sample to be analyzed is taken from the process line and fed to the analyzer in conditioned form using a sample line and sample preparation – continuously and in a matter of seconds. Here we provide you with a range of devices with different technologies for extractive measurement methods. Each measuring instrument stands for analytical excellence in its class. Operation of devices is menu-driven and designed according to NAMUR guidelines. In this way all your requirements for complete measuring instrument solutions are fulfilled.

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With maximum flexibility and ease of use SIPROCESS GA700 sets new standards for extractive gas analysis

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Siprocess GA700 Calomat 7
Quantitative determination of hydrogen and noble gases.

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Siprocess GA700 Oxymat 7
Extractive paramagnetic oxygen measurement.

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Siprocess GA700 Ultramat 7
Highly selective measurement of infrared-active components.

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Operating software

Greater convenience with two software tools

Two software tools for continuous process gas analytics, SIMATIC PDM (Process Device Manager) and SIPROM GA, offer you clear menu navigation and extensive user support.

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The SIMATIC PDM is a universal, manufacturer-neutral tool for project planning, parameterization, commissioning, diagnostics, and maintenance of intelligent field devices. The gas analyzers of the Series 6, ULTRAMAT 23, and SIPROCESS GA700 gas analyzers can be configured and monitored with this software. For monitoring the entire plant, SIMATIC PDM can be integrated into the SIMATIC PCS 7 / STEP 7 project planning environment. Communication between PC and analyzers is possible via Ethernet and PROFIBUS.


Communication made easy

SIPROM GA is a free software program for communication between PCs or laptops and Series 6 or ULTRAMAT 23 analytical devices. It is used for parameterization, maintenance, and diagnostics. SIPROM GA accesses analytical devices either directly from your PC through an RS 485 port or via an Ethernet gateway.

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Whether you would like to know more about our extractive analytical devices, have technical questions, or need spare parts, we have summarized essential additional information for you below.

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To remain competitive, companies in industry must ensure – and ideally increase – the availability and productivity of machines and plants. As your partner, we offer a unique range of services and support based on our extensive technology and industry expertise.

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As your partner, we offer a unique range of services and support based on our extensive technology and industry expertise. With our offerings, you can expect a high degree of reliability and a successful digital future for your company.

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Safety is key in the process industries. A failure in instruments relevant for safety may have serious implications for humans, the process and the environment. Therefore, a wide range of our process instruments come with on-board safety features for maximum risk reduction.

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Our extractive gas analyzers are indispensable in many areas of the process industry. Learn more about their applications and how they ensure reliable measurement results in the respective industries.


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