Customer-specific products and solutions

We customize for you

If individual modifications of a product are required for automation, Customized Automation can help. Customer-specific products and solutions are based on the proven automation technology from Siemens. The customization options are manifold. Just contact your Siemens representative. 

Heizungssteuerungssystem SIPLUS HCS3200

Customized Hardware / OEM

Customized Hardware

From simple design modifications, such as a custom logo or different key combinations for Panels, all the way to special IO modules.

Some examples of customized hardware adaptations:


Changing of hardware

- Adaptation of design and size

- Communication (CAN, Modbus, MQTT, etc.)

- Tailored bundles

- Specialized I/O modules

- Industrial retainers (VESA, supporting stand, etc.)

- Adaptation to current/voltage systems

- BIOS modifications, for example for security requirements

- Hardware, firmware freeze

- Integration of customized hardware


Special environment

- Protection up to IP69K

- Hygienic design

- Protection against vandalism

- INOX housing for F&B


Design products

Customer-specific design with creative modification of the products to adapt to your individual machine and plant design, eg. By changing the keyboard layout, key sizes and design or body color. These design products are the same as the standard products in terms of technology and function.


Express Design


Integrated solutions

- Integration of control elements, HMI and automation system

- Mechanical adaptation / integration of standard SIMATIC products for retrofitting

Customized Software

Customized Software

From customer-specific applications to individual operating system customizations. 

An excerpt from the customer-specific software customizing options:


Changing of software

- Preconfigured system images

- Special applications (FBs, programs)

- Integration of apps (e.g. Web Browser)

- Customer-specific applications and communication drivers

- Adaptation of functions in WinCC

- Integration in TIA Portal



- System interlocking

- Access protection (physical and virtual)

- Protection against know-how theft and service piracy


Operating systems

- Software porting to any operating system, such as Linux, Windows, VxWorks, Android, Solaris, QNX, WES7

Customized service, support and logistics 

Customized service, support and logistics 

From additional certifications, such as ATEX, extended spare parts availability all the way to individual delivery conditions. 

Some examples of customized service, support and logistics features:


Certificates and approvals

- Marine and shipbuilding

- National specifications: UL, KCC, EAC (GOST), …



Extended availability

- Design freeze

- Extended spare parts availability

- Warranty extensions



- Individual product planning

- Individual repair concepts

- Individual delivery agreements

- Customized storage contracts

- Fully licensed software packages


Benefits at a glance

No matter which Customized Automation solution you decide upon, you get your product and we take care of implementation and product maintenance. This includes, among other aspects, the observance of country-specific standards and statutory provisions, the issuing of industry-specific certificates and obsolescence management.


Customer-specific products and solutions

Support Services

Within the framework of Online and Technical Support, Siemens Industry offers a wide range of services. Online Support, Technical Support.

Spare Parts Services 

Siemens Industry's spare parts services are available worldwide and provide smooth and fast supply of spare parts – and thus optimal plant availability.

SITRAIN - Digital Industry Academy

Further education for all Siemens industrial products - directly from the manufacturer, individually, with the latest methods.