SIDOOR - Automatic door control systems for industrial applications

Door control systems for industrial applications

Area of application: Machine tool doors, safety gates, vertical protective hoods, cold room doors and tunnel emergency doors.

Automatically operated protective doors are becoming increasingly important in industrial environments. Innovative solutions are required that contribute to further increases in the productivity of manufacturing processes and at the same time offer greater levels of safety and usability. This is particularly true with regard to machine tools. Modern drive systems that offer increased ease of operation as well as additional safety are now an integral part of the latest generations of machines. Flexible communication capability and integration in automation designs, including safety functionality in accordance with the relevant regulations and standards, are becoming the core requirements for door control. In addition, the topic of "condition-based maintenance" will play an important role in the future to detect failures of safety gates in good time and significantly increase system availability. In conjunction with MindSphere, the cloud-based, open operating system from Siemens, the new SIDOOR firmware function now enables worldwide access to diagnostic values and thus predictable maintenance measures – resulting in minimum machine and system downtimes.

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General advantages:

  • High level of safety for persons and machines 

    (Machinery Directive EN ISO 14120, EN ISO 13849 - 1 Performance Level d - Cat. 2)

  • Motor-assisted movement of heavy doors (without sensors or buttons), supported stopping with minimal deceleration ramp, five freely configurable inputs for customized solutions
  • Impuls Drive (automatic door movement by applying light force)
  • Impuls Stop (door stopped automatically by applying light force)
  • Flexible motor management, automatic recognition of the geared motor
  • Simple handling, fast integration
  • Commissioning with auto-configuration (automatic motor detection, determination of the weight to be moved and calculation of the optimum drive characteristics)
  • Parameterization, configuration, diagnostics via PROFIdrive
  • Fully integrated in SIMATIC and SINUMERIK
  • Setting and diagnostics via PC directly on site; simple activation of pre-defined parameter sets
  • User-friendly and customized modification of drive characteristics
  • Cyclic readout of parameters, e.g. motor current and door position in millimeters (firmware update (V1.10) for ATD4x0W door control units)
  • Condition-based maintenance via MindSphere thanks to detection of progressive wear of the door mechanism in the SIMATIC or SINUMERIK


Highlights for industrial applications

Single-button commissioning

The single-button commissioning feature automatically and precisely calibrates the door dimensions and weights. This eliminates the otherwise lenghty setup. Even when using the individual SIDOOR MDG Advanced motors, only the output range has to be entered.

Safety operation for persons and machines

Protective machine door drives need to be both reliable and safe. Within the drive system, SIDOOR offers safe limitation of forces and energies as well as safe end position determination in accordance with the EN ISO 14120 standard. In addition, protective machine doors driven with SIDOOR meet Performance Level d (PLd) in accordance with the EN ISO 13849-1 standard. Compliance with these standards is certified by TÜV, the German Technical Inspectorate.
Thanks to the easy integration into existing safety system designs, such as emergency stops for retrofit solutions, you can gain the advantages without great effort.

New highlights: Condition-based maintenance

Trendsetting technology – designed down to the smallest detail

Machine tool door

SIDOOR meets all requirements, especially when used in conjunction with semi-autonmatic loading of a machine tool by a robot or kinematics: 


  • Certified safety during manual loading, e.g. in setup mode.
  • Safe switching to a second and, for example, faster speed profile and partial opening for maximum cycle time of the machine in robot operation.
  • Evaluation of the door energy to avoid unplanned downtimes. In this way, slowly forming chip pockets nests can be detected at an early stage for example.

Tunnel emergency door

Heavy and mechanically demanding emergency sliding doors are reliably opened and closed in the event of evacuation, even under varying pressure conditions. Convenient remote tests open up new maintenance possibilities.

Cold room gate

Special cold room door functions can be activated, for example, as menu parameters. - Higher force at door opening in the first 10 cm (lift out of the sealing lip),

  • Consideration for automatic learn run
  • Adjustable closing force
  • Automatic closing
  • Adjustable closing time
  • Preassigned inputs and outputs (controller-dependent) for pull switch

Perfectly coordinated portfolio

SIDOOR Industry Controller Series ATD4xxW

Siemens is moving with the trend towards automatic protective doors with SIDOOR. The SIDOOR range offers a completely convincing solution that is both state-of-the-art and economical.

Industry Controller Series
PROFINET variant


- 2x PN ports

- 2x floating relay outputs

RELAY variant


- 3 x floating changeover contact outputs

PROFIBUS variant


- 1x DP port

- 2x floating relay outputs

Additional interfaces

RS485 (USB via optional adapter - SIDOOR SOFTWARE KIT)


5 floating inputs

Max. weight to be moved

700 kg (depending on motor and power supply)

Opening width

0.3 to 5 m

Maximum counterforce

75 N

Matching power supplies

- SITOP PSU8200 13 A, 36 V

Operating temperature

-20°C to +50°C


UL61010-1/-2-201 (Electrical Safety)

Degree of protection


Dimensions (W x H x D)

320 x 60 x 80 mm

SIDOOR motors

ADVANCED series:




BASIC series:




Optional product expansion

DIN rail holder



Product range – Drives

A wide range of geared motors provides the right solution for every application, for example, to match the door weight or type of transmission. A left-hand and a right-hand geared motor version are always available. For doors with toothed belt transmission, all necessary matching mechanical components, such as guide pulleys, mounting brackets, door drivers, and toothed belts are available.

Basic drives – SIDOOR M3 / M4 / M5

The basic motors are divided into performance classes. Weights of up to 180 kg can be moved with the M3 geared motor, as can weights up to 400 kg with M4 and weights up to 600 kg with M5. All Basic drives have an integrated motor connection cable with a cable length of 1.5 m and can thus be used to connect directly to the SIDOOR control unit. The output shaft of the gear unit is equipped with a non-detachable belt wheel, which is optimized with its

S8M toothing optimized for toothed belt transmission.

Advanced drives – SIDOOR MGD3 / MDG4 / MDG5

Just like the Basic drives, the Advanced drives are also available in the cable classes MDG3 to 180 kg, MDG4 to 400 kg and MDG5 to 700 kg.


A separate motor connection cable not only provides more freedom in the installation of the components, it can also be used to adapt the distance between the door control unit and the geared motor to the specific application. The Motor connection cable is available in lengths of 5 m, 10 m, 15 m, and 20 m.


The output shaft of the gear unit is delivered with a keyway and featherkey (without belt pulley). As an alternative to the toothed belt solution, transmission types such as toothed racks or chains can also be implemented. A belt pulley can be made and mounted on the gear shaft.

to suit the application. The diameter of the Belt pulleys vary between 28 mm and 122 mm depending on requirements.


For a standard solution with toothed belt transmission, the product range has a suitable belt pulley.

Product range - 36 V power supply

Solutions for use in a control cabinet or without a control cabinet directly on the protective machine door.

SITOP PSU8200 – the best choice for your control cabinet

  • 3-phase power supply 36 V/13 A with 400/500 V AC 
  • Very high efficiency up to 94% Remote on/off contact for the realization of remote controls.
  • Service life of 70,000 hrs.
  • Narrow width of 70 mm (without lateral installation clearances)
  • Integrated signaling contact and status LEDs for "DC OK", "Overload" and "Short-circuit"
  • Remote "On/Off" contact to implement remote controls

SIDOOR NT40 - optimized design for mounting close to doors

  • 1-phase 36 V/10 A power supply with 230 V AC
  • Rugged, encapsulated design: IP 54
  • including 2 m power cord with shock-proof plug (CEE 7/4) and 1.5 m connection cable to control unit

System configuration

This example shows one possible system configuration featuring a communication interface to the higher-level controller via PROFIBUS or PROFINET.

Our versatile SIDOOR units can be completely controlled by a SIMATIC S7 controller - communication on a professional level.

System structure for safety-related configuration

Protective machine door drives need to be both reliable and safe. SIDOOR offers safe limitation of forces and energy as well as safe end position determination within the drive system.

This example shows one possible system configuration. The system allows for the implementation of additional customized safety measures, such as 2-hand operation.

Support Services

Support Services

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Spare parts service

Spare parts service

The spare parts services from Siemens Industry are available worldwide and ensure smooth and fast delivery of spare parts – and therefore optimum system availability.

SITRAIN - Digital Industry Academy

SITRAIN - Digital Industry Academy

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TIA Selection Tool

Create your SIDOOR project quickly and with guidance. All current SIDOOR products can be configured in the correct dependency. Every possible selection is explained and illustrated with product pictures. The product comparison is provided for better decision-making. With such a configuration, nothing can be forgotten or end up incorrectly in the shopping basket. Finally, the order can be placed directly or passed indirectly to your system.

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