HMI systems for superior operation and monitoring

SIPLUS HMI systems are optimized for excellent visualization under extreme environmental conditions.


The right solution for every application

In addition to the outstanding features of the SIMATIC HMI operator devices, the refined SIPLUS extreme variants offer:

  • Resistance to aggressive chemical, biological, and mechanically active gases and salt mist

  • Protected from condensation (ice formation is allowed!)

  • High reliability across an extended temperature range, in the start-up phase as well 
    as during operation

  • Flexible adaptation to any application thanks to extended site altitude from –1000 to 5000 meters

  • High productivity and investment protection through minimal downtimes and performance losses

SIPLUS Basic Panels

SIPLUS Basic Panels  are optimized for economical implementation of simple HMI applications in a plant-floor environment. Basic equipment and functionality and an especially attractive price make them perfect entry-level devices, which also offer excellent visualization and operation. The device series offers panels with 4", 7", 9" and 12" displays, and combined key or touch operation 
Based on the standard products SIMATIC HMI Basic Panels there are refined SIPLUS variants available.

SIPLUS Comfort Panels

SIPLUS Comfort Panels are designed for implementation of powerful HMI applications in a plant-floor environment. High performance, functionality and integrated interface offer greatest convenience in high-end applications. With high-resolution widescreen displays from 4" to 22", optionally available with touch operation or control keys, they can be optimally adapted to any application. 
Based on the standard products SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panels there are refined SIPLUS variants available.

SIPLUS HMI Comfort Outdoor Panel

The new SIPLUS HMI Comfort Outdoor Panels have been developed specifically for demanding HMI applications under extreme ambient conditions. This makes operation and monitoring extremely flexible – for every outdoor area.


Whether in the oil and gas industry, on ships or in refrigerated warehouses: SIMATIC HMI Comfort Outdoor Panels, with 7 inch daylight readable widescreen display, provide everything you need for outdoor operation and monitoring.

Flexible outdoor application through extremely robust design


The new SIPLUS HMI Comfort Outdoor Panels TP700 offer the same convenience as the familiar standard comfort devices in combination with extreme equipment properties for flexible outdoor application:

  • Reliable operation in a wide temperature range from -30 °C to +60 °C, for example in refrigerated warehouses or in desert regions

  • Tested and certified for use under biologically, chemically and mechanically active substances (3B2, 3C4, 3S4) including salt mist, sand and dust

  • High vibration and shock resistance, for example for use in vehicles or in the stamping machine and press sector

  • Panel front in IP66 for high degree of protection against dust and water penetration, for example for use in the mining industry or on ships

  • High UV resistance for long-term availability of function and optics, for example when used in mountain regions or close to the equator

  • Bonded display (as tough as laminated safety glass) for maximum protection against air humidity (90%), condensation and thermal stresses, for example for use in tropical zones

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