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Systematic tunnel automation – intelligent and highly available

Tunnels are actually the most ingenious element of the traffic infrastructure: They overcome the greatest obstacles using the shortest possible route. They also muffle noise and make traffic flows nearly invisible. They connect cities and communities with one another and ensure a higher quality of life. When driving through a tunnel, you have surely noticed the installations for illumination and ventilation before – as well as signal systems or life-saving emergency systems. These are modern tunnel automation solutions that we are implementing with our integrated portfolio. 

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The digital twin of your tunnel

Progressive digitalization has many clear advantages in the field of tunnel automation. The gains in efficiency that can be achieved with virtualization pay off, especially when it comes to planning, engineering and commissioning aspects. The digital map of a tunnel, known as the digital twin, enormously speeds up the engineering and commissioning processes. The gains in safety and availability are the most important operational advantages. Because digitalization opens up new opportunities here as well with regard to preventive maintenance and servicing. On the basis of data collected with the aid of Cloud technologies, e.g. MindSphere, impending faults, failures and subsequently occurring downtimes in the production process can be detected early on and the corresponding maintenance can be initiated. This allows continuous modernization and optimization of the tunnel without negatively impacting ongoing operations.

One integrated solution, from engineering to the Smart Operator

We implement customized automation solutions for you. We provide you with support, either in the individual phases or along the entire development process. The web application gives you an overview of the individual phases:
Tunnel applications

The intelligent choice for your tunnel applications

Integrated, scalable, and tried and tested around the world – with the SIMATIC portfolio you will find the right components for each of your applications.

SIMATIC Controller

Optimization for the automation of machines and plants in the manufacturing industry

  • Extensive selection of CPUs and modules, optimized for almost any application

  • Compact design and modular layout, fail-safe modules with comprehensive, integrated technology functions

  • The system diagnostics facilitate fault localization – without programming effort

Advantages in the tunnel

  • The scalable layout allows an integrated solution, from the automation of an avalanche protection tunnel to the controlling of complex ventilation systems with fault-tolerant automation components

  • If the safety requirements increase, the controllers can be expanded by adding new fail-safe software blocks, thus providing optimal investment protection


The powerful controller family for the tunnel

  • Easy engineering in the TIA Portal

  • Scalable redundancy and scalable performance

  • Event-driven synchronization

Advantages in the tunnel

  • System redundancy is a given, from the portal all the way to the emergency bay

  • Setup of the controllers in the separated portals allows greater fail-safety of the components


Distributed automation is made possible with the SIMATIC ET 200 family. The components of the system family are available in a variety of different sizes and designs

  • Modular I/O systems with low to high channel density

  • Maximum system performance on the basis of PROFINET

  • Safety and standard in one system

Advantages in the tunnel

  • Due to the distributed layout, the signals can be recorded directly in the sub-distributors in the tunnel - long cable routes are thus omitted

  • The distributed I/O system increases the availability of the overall system due to the redundant connection of the modules and bus system


The open, cross-manufacturer Industrial Ethernet standard for automation - specified in the largest fieldbus organization in the world: PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI)

  • PROFINET is 100% Ethernet

  • Maximum speed and precision during data transfer - even with high quantity structures

Advantages in the tunnel

  • PROFINET - the future-oriented network topology for I/O interfaces - opens up new opportunities for the bus architecture for the tunnel


The optimum solution for the industry

  • Both standard and safety-oriented communication over one bus system

  • Possibility of increasing plant availability through redundant design

Advantages in the tunnel

  • With PROFIBUS - the leading bus system in the automation environment - redundant and extremely robust structures can be set up

SCALANCE X Industrial Ethernet Switches

In a class of its own in every category

  • Flexibility due to a comprehensive portfolio with different designs and ranges of functions

  • Fail-safe networks due to quick redundancy and redundant power supply

  • Configuration and diagnostics in STEP 7/ TIA Portal

Advantages in the tunnel

  • The SIMATIC switch components can be integrated into the overall configuration and thus allow integrated configuration and diagnostics

  • The product portfolio encompasses industrial grade components for the tunnel environment and industrial switches with office functions for central control rooms


Future-proof and economical telecontrol system based on SIMATIC S7 with internationally standardized communication protocols

  • Serial transmission IEC 60870-5-101

  • Ethernet (TCP/IP) IEC 60870-5-104 
    - Data security by means of a time stamp at the data source 
    - Time synchronization via NTP or IEC protocol 
    - Data buffering for bridging communication breaks

Advantages in the tunnel

  • SIPLUS RIC opens up new opportunities in the cross-manufacturer connection of control rooms and automation components by means of a standardized telecontrol protocol

  • The communication blocks can be seamlessly added to the configuration and allow the cost-effective implementation of the telecontrol protocol in the controller


The comprehensive portfolio dealing with all aspects of industrial controls for functions such as switching, starting, protecting, and monitoring

  • Easily and quickly achieve the perfect control cabinet thanks to Planning EfficiencyTM

  • Up to 80% savings in configuration costs thanks to provision of all of the data

  • Up to 48% savings in installation costs if function modules are used

Advantages in the tunnel

  • SIRIUS provides a large number of planning tools for quick and efficient configuration. In especially long-lasting systems like tunnels, the switching devices are characterized by the long-term availability of their spare parts and customer-friendly strategy for replacing them with new generations of devices

SENTRON protective, switching, measuring and monitoring devices

Comprehensive portfolio for safe, economical, and flexible use in the low-voltage power distribution

  • Safe power distribution due to mutually harmonized protection devices, switching units, measuring and monitoring devices from a single source

  • Communication-capable products and systems for integration into higher-level management systems

Advantages in the tunnel

  • SENTRON measuring devices provide manageable monitoring of the measured values - optimal for the large number of outputs and loads in tunnel systems

  • The components can easily be integrated into the WinCC control system via standard bus systems


The integrated drive family for every application area

  • The complete and integrated family of drives that covers all of the performance levels. The converters are characterized by a maximum degree of flexibility, functionality, and engineering efficiency

  • A wide range of performance, from 0.12 kW to 85 MW

  • Optimally integrated into the automation with PROFIdrive, PROFIsafe, and PROFIenergy

  • Powerful, drive-autonomous safety functions. One shared engineering with only two tools for all of the drives: SIZER for configuration and Startdrive for parameterization and commissioning

Advantages in the tunnel

  • The universal integration of the SINAMICS converters into the overall SIMATIC system allows the optimal integration and diagnostics of the ventilation

Smoke extraction motors

Reliable ventilation even at high temperatures

  • Low-voltage motors for use in automatic smoke and heat extraction units in accordance with EN 12101-3

  • Function of the ventilation or extraction under normal conditions, e.g. KT -20 ... +40 °C

  • Test-certified smoke extraction motors satisfy a runtime of 120 minutes in every temperature class (200 °C and 300 °C) and thus provide safety beyond the current requirement specified in the standards

Advantages in the tunnel

  • Siemens smoke extraction motors keep the tunnel free of smoke in the event of a fire to maintain visibility in escape and access routes and to facilitate fire-fighting efforts

  • Siemens smoke extraction motors can even handle high ambient temperatures reliably and they reduce heat stress on the tunnel in the case of an accident

SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture

Scalable, flexible and open SCADA standard software


  • Efficient engineering and flexible system expansion due to integrated object orientation


  • From 500 I/Os to more than 10 million I/Os

  • From a single-station system to 2048 networked systems


  • Comprehensive connection options: OPC UA, OPC, SIMATIC S7 Plus, Ethernet/IP, Modbus, S-Bus, TLS Gateway, BACnet, SNMP Manager & Agent, IEC 61850 / 61400, SINAUT, DNP, IEC 60870-5-101, -104, SSI, SIMATIC Logo 8

  • Platform-neutral for Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android


  • Modern and innovative operating concepts with multi-touch gestures

  • Monitoring and operation of your system even via the Web or mobile

The highest availability and safety requirements

  • Hot-standby redundancy

  • Disaster recovery system

  • SIL 3 certification according to IEC 61508

  • Data security due to SSL encryption

Advantages in the tunnel

  • Hot-standby redundancy can be seamlessly integrated into the redundancy concept of tunnel systems

  • The scalable layout allows the integration of many data points of the often widely distributed tunnel systems - particularly advantageous if there is a central control room


SCADA system for worldwide use in all industries

  • Efficient and user-friendly in engineering and operation

  • Universally scalable from a single-station system to distributed and web-based solutions with access via Intranet/Internet

  • High reliability due to redundancy and integrated process diagnostics

  • Open standards for easy integration

Advantages in the tunnel

  • The redundancy function corresponds to all of the specifications of a redundancy concept for tunnel systems - from the station in the tunnel to the central control room

  • The automation components can be optimally integrated into the SCADA system


Operator panels for any requirement, integrated configuration, data management, and communication

  • Brilliant widescreen displays for optimal legibility and expanded display capabilities (up to 40% more visualization area)

  • Efficient energy management thanks to up to 100% dimmable displays with LED backlighting and the use of PROFIenergy for coordinated shutdowns during break times

  • Designed for harsh industrial environments

  • Maximum energy efficiency due to integration into the Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal)

Advantages in the tunnel

  • SIMATIC HMI devices in the tunnel provide the capability of local operation of fans or other parts of the system

  • Easy start-up of individual components directly on site

In the automation of tunnel systems, particular attention is paid to ensure high availability of the system. The following two layout examples are suitable when using the fault-tolerant SIMATIC S7-400H system:


In addition to the worldwide proven PROFIBUS bus system, in the meantime PROFINET has established itself as a future-oriented, Ethernet-based fieldbus system. The data points that arise in the tunnel are connected to the fault-tolerant controller by means of PROFINET I/O systems via a PROFINET ring.

With the new PROFINET system, more flexible network structures can be implemented due to the different layout variants that PROFINET can provide. The trendsetting and Ethernet-based fieldbus system architecture provides a uniform standard, from the SCADA system up to the IO level.


With PROFIBUS, the world's leading industrial fieldbus system, a redundant ring for recording the control of data points in the tunnel can be implemented. The control system itself is operated in hot-standby mode. Optionally, a distance of up to 10 km can exist between the two redundant controllers.

The availability of the overall system can be increased due to the layout with a redundant I/O connection.


Tunnel management


Tunnel automation from Siemens 

Our portfolio of automation solutions is as multi-faceted as your tunnel systems. Learn more about it directly from our experts.