Optimizing the performance in your production

CNC Shopfloor Management Software: Increased productivity in manufacturing

Machine tools are integrated in the manufacturing processes in an intelligent manner. The networking of production planning and manufacturing processes as well as machines among each other is required for this. This allows an error-free transfer of programs and data. Production-oriented applications on the SINUMERIK Integrate platform provide numerous functions for the Siemens CNC. This platform allows to network machine tools in manufacturing companies – the applications used entail large potential for increasing productivity.

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Starter package for Manage MyMachines


Optimized production planning

How can you ensure high-quality parts manufacturing by increasing at the same time the productivity of your manufacturing processes?

The complexity of production planning and production processes is constantly increasing in your organization. Demand peaks, product changes and the introduction of new products contribute to this. Only through the digital consistency from product development through to production can you master this complexity. Thus, you can reduce the number of faults occurring at the process interfaces and reduce the number of correction loops.

You want to test the next workpiece virtually while the real machine still produces workpieces?

If the machine manufacturer provides a virtual machine image, in addition to the real machine, this provides significant benefits for you as a machine operator. Thus, you have a virtually identical production planning workstation, on which you can plan and optimize all production steps. This allows, for example, to check the machining strategy for a new workpiece in the virtual machine and load it, while the real machine still produces other parts. This shortens the setup time and significantly increases the profitability of the company.

By using the original SINUMERIK software, the so-called "virtual NC kernel" (VNCK), you can simulate the machining process in advance under realistic conditions. Production planning and machine utilization can be optimized and the workpiece costs can be correctly calculated on the basis of the calculated machining time.

SinuTrain, the control-identical NC programming workstation, brings SINUMERIK Operate including the animated machine control panel under realistic conditions onto the PC. The powerful tool allows realistic offline programming on the PC and the direct transfer of NC programs to the CNC.

You must increase your productivity and are subject to global competitive pressure?

Transparency about the utilization of each machine is the prerequisite for the adoption of improvement measures aimed at increasing productivity. The analyses and findings won about the machine statuses using Analyze MyPerformance allow to optimize individual machines or cells.

On the basis of the machine and status data, the SINUMERIK application Analyze MyPerformance calculates the overall equipment efficiency (OEE) and provides important indicators for efficiency increasing measures. AMP allows to check the effectiveness of the productivity measures initiated.

With the Manage MyMachines MindApp on the MindSphere platform, you can increase the productivity of your machinery using the latest findings and obtain transparency about critical machine data, the status and a clear overview about the machine history.

You must prevent unplanned machine downtimes or plan downtimes for maintenance and service?

Analyze MyCondition allows to systematically monitor machine tools which are connected to the local SINUMERIK Integrate server using various test and trigger options.

Further, you can identify trends using measurement series and use them as a basis for optimizing the maintenance and service activities. Key figures on the wear of mechatronic components can be generated and used for reporting. This application continuously acquires data during the production process.

You can still identify potential for improvement in the machining process?

Comprehensive quality management is required to be able to permanently check all machining processes with regard to their improvement potential and optimize them continuously.

With Analyze MyWorkpiece /Toolpath, you can increase the productivity and component quality by analyzing/optimizing NC programs and SINUMERIK trace data using modern 3D visualization methods. This allows to identify errors in the NC program at an early stage and record non-optimal retraction movements of the machine.

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The SINUMERIK Edge hardware and software solution processes and analyzes process data also from the real-time system. Through a configurable preselection, non-sensitive data can be transferred to the cloud and used, for example, for cross-location visualization. This system is also open for future App developments made by machine manufacturers or service providers.

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Manage MyMachines

Starter package for Manage MyMachines

Make sure to get a starter package for Manage MyMachines on MindSphere V3 and enter the digital world! With this MindApp, you can increase the transparency in your production. Further, you can develop new business models, based on the performance management system for machine tools.

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