Leading-edge multitasking with SINUMERIK

For complex and demanding turn-milling and mill-turning applications

Based on SINUMERIK Operate, multitasking machining is seamlessly supported across all technologies. Irrespective of whether series production or shopfloor operation. In SINUMERIK Operate workpieces can be simulated, both for turn-milling as well as for mill-turning. This means that Siemens offers an attractive package for complete machining and the preconditions for efficient and highly productive CNC machining.

CYCLE800 swivel cycle

The swivel cycle CYCLE800 allows the high-speed programming of machining operations performed in a swiveled plane, as well as the approaching and aligning of turning tools on a milling machine – combined on a graphic interface. For example, the static swiveling of the workpiece coordinate system allows arbitrary drilling and milling operations in swiveled planes on turning machines.


The dynamic 5-axis transformation TRAORI transforms turning machines into high-quality milling centers. On one hand, this allows universal multiside machining in just one clamping operation. On the other hand, TRAORI ensures a dynamic but at the same time homogeneous orientation of the tool on the workpiece surface, therefore facilitating the machining of demanding moldmaking workpieces – also on lathes.


Simulation with SINUMERIK Operate guarantees maximum process reliability and safety as the real geometries of the tools are always used. In turn-milling machines, milling and turning as well as workpiece measurement can be simultaneously simulated. Mill-turning machines have the same identical simulation and simultaneous recording options as turn-milling machines.

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