Let your emotions be. We'll control all the rest.

SIMATIC Controllers – For everything that can be controlled.

The invisible force behind all things

We think we can control everything, but some things simply cannot be controlled: our passions, our feelings, our most basic instincts. It’s what makes us feel alive. For pretty much everything else, we’ve made SIMATIC Controllers.

Enjoy life in a controlled environment

Our most memorable stories are the unexpected ones that challenge us to conquer our fears. Although you might not expect SIMATIC Controllers near places where emotional limits are being tested, these places are often where they’re silently pulling the strings.

So let your emotions be. We’ll control all the rest.

The biggest high

Two minutes as an astronaut

If you want to experience what it feels like to be inside a starting rocket, there are easier (and safer) ways than applying at NASA. One of them is traveling to Munich and buying a ticket to the Predator thrill ride at Oktoberfest: It will give you an impressive demonstration of the kinds of forces the human body can endure, and then reliably bring you back to Earth in one piece – SIMATIC has it all under control.
The ride should be fun, not torture, for the passengers. I like to see the guests boarding a second time.
Willy Kaiser, Showman
Shapes of beauty

Giving wings to an artist’s mind

If you’re culturally inclined, you probably know how hard it is to put into words the subjective experience of art. Good art can have a deep emotional impact on us, without us ever really being able to explain why – at least in a scientific sense. This is one reason we’re going to have a hard time teaching our SIMATIC Controllers how to design a sculpture. But we can teach you how to do it!
Magic of automation

Making the pillars of modern life

Today more than ever, metal is ubiquitous in our everyday lives. In many cases, it comes in the shapes of things we enjoy: the moka pots we use for our morning coffees, the aluminum frames of our bicycles, the climbing contraptions at our kids’ favorite playgrounds. In this light, metal is often part of the magical moments that make us appreciate life a little bit more. And with the advance of industrial automation for robotics, so is SIMATIC.
Other areas of applications

What else can we control?

These were just a few cases of SIMATIC Controllers helping shape environments in which we can thrive as human beings. You’ll be surprised how many areas of life are affected by them every day! Here are some further examples.

The intelligent choice for your automation tasks – SIMATIC Controllers

Siemens offers the right controller for a wide range of automation requirements. The SIMATIC range of controllers comprises Basic, Advanced, Distributed, and Software Controllers that offer impressive scalability and integration of their functions. The engineering in the Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal) enables optimal automation solutions to be found for every application.


More SIMATIC Controllers in unexpected places

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