Industrial Edge

The flexible Edge solution for production machinery and plants
At a glance

Industrial Edge at a glance

How does Industrial Edge work, and what does it make possible? Click through the interactive graphic to learn about the structure of the open Edge system. Whether your data remains on-site or is processed in the Cloud is up to you. With Industrial Edge you can enjoy the best solution for your needs, with Siemens devices or adapted to suit your own infrastructure.
Edge Management System

Central infrastructure to manage your Edge apps and devices

The Industrial Edge Management System is the central infrastructure you can use to manage all connected Edge devices of any kind, worldwide. Instead of having to individually install security patches on every device, you can control everything centrally from a single system, which can be installed on-site or in the Cloud to suit your needs.

Industrial Edge Management System

The Edge Management System enables you to monitor the status of all connected devices, and install Edge apps and software functions on the desired Edge devices by remote. The Edge Management System is also your access to countless Edge applications, with its connection to an ecosystem of globally available apps: your own, from partner entities, and from Siemens. You decide whether you want to host the Management System in Production, or centrally in any Cloud system (e.g. MindSphere). Management via Cloud lets you centrally manage globally distributed Edge devices.

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Industrial Edge Apps

Start right away with Industrial Edge apps

In addition to your own Edge apps or those from partner entities, you can also use data from your machines with Industrial Edge apps right away, with no need to do your own programming. Our services include data processing, visualization, and analysis, as well as connectivity in order to realize applications like Condition Monitoring and predictive maintenance. You don’t have to upload data to the Cloud, but there are benefits if you do. It gives mechanical engineers access to globally distributed machines so they can optimize their service based on the processed data and develop new business models.
User-specific applications

Use your own apps with Industrial Edge

Port your existing software and applications easily to Industrial Edge and benefit from integrated security and connectivity with automation systems and the Cloud. The infrastructure is provided – you only need look after your application.

Benefit from Industrial Edge quickly using Docker

You can use your existing applications with Industrial Edge with minimal cost and effort. The open source Docker software runs on Edge devices, using container virtualization to offer many benefits like minimal resource requirements, rapid availability, and ease of use. You can use any high-level language (C/C++, Java, Python, Node.js), to develop new Edge apps, virtualize them as Docker images, and now run them scalably on all Edge devices.

Global ecosystem for your Edge apps

Many apps are already available for download in the open Siemens Industrial Edge App Store. You can also use our platform as an app developer and offer your apps to new target groups worldwide and take advantage of additional revenue opportunities. Contact us if you’re a developer and would like to use our Industrial Edge App Store.


Industrial Edge devices for every requirement

You can use Industrial Edge with all kinds of hardware, depending on how you want to use Industrial Edge in your company.

Open Industrial Edge Runtime

Industrial Edge Runtime

In the future, the open Industrial Edge Runtime from Siemens can also be installed on third-party devices like industrial PCs, which lets you share the benefits of Edge Computing across your entire infrastructure. 


Industrial Edge enables Predictive Maintenance

Vacuum grippers from J. Schmalz GmbH are used all around the world. Seal failure as a result of wear and tear increases the risk of plant downtime and of the objects not being carried safely anymore. This problem was solved thanks to the Industrial Edge solution with Cloud connection.

Recognize symptoms of wear at an early stage

Vacuum grippers use a vacuum to move workpieces quickly from A to B. If the sealing function of the suction pads fails over time as a result of wear, objects can no longer be moved reliably. If they fall, that can bring an entire line to a standstill. In addition, the filters become dirty in applications involving a lot of dust, like the wood industry. That leads to increased power consumption to generate the necessary vacuum. 


Schmalz therefore uses data from sensors to recognize at an early stage when suction pads and filters have to be replaced. The data is pre-processed in the controller and is then evaluated by Schmalz on an Edge device with the SICON Edge app. That way, Schmalz can concentrate on its key value-added element – the app. By using the Edge Computing infrastructure, there is no longer any need for time-intensive activities like connectivity programming and security hardening. The operational side of the activity is also made much easier. Devices and software can be scaled globally. Thanks to the Cloud connection (MindSphere), machine users can also visualize the data worldwide. As a result, Schmalz can offer its own customers faster support and other services by remote. 


Get the most out of Industrial Edge

With Industrial Edge you benefit from a central management system that lets you run and update Edge devices and apps and add new functions – regardless of whether you use apps from partner entities, Siemens, or your own applications. Want to know more? Just talk to our experts – they’ll be happy to help.