Safety Integrated for optimal machine safety

Protecting people, machinery, and the future

Take the direct route to maximum machine safety – with Safety Integrated. Machine manufacturers and plant operators alike benefit from our pioneering concept that integrates safety technology in standard automation. With significantly reduced engineering effort, our concept ensures safe, reliable, and economical operation and thus greater availability and system consistency.

Safety Integrated at a glance

Good reasons for why safety is important

Machine safety is not just important because strict regulations have to be observed. When everything operates safely, you benefit from time savings when it comes to engineering, higher plant availability, and greater investment security.

Consistent, end-to-end safety

Safety only truly exists if all the components and systems used in the plant are safe at all times. That is precisely the advantage of Safety Integrated - the comprehensive concept that ensures safety along the entire value chain. Siemens integrates the appropriate safety functions into the standard automation to ensure this safety at any time during the production process. That's the consistent implementation of safety solutions according to Totally Integrated Automation. You need fewer components, less wiring, and save space in the control cabinet.

How you benefit from Safety Integrated


Playing it safe

Safety – easy and reliable

With Safety Integrated, you can always rest assured that optimal machine safety is guaranteed. Our certified products and solutions are always being refined and adapted to changing standards and conditions. This ensures consistent, end-to-end safety along the entire value chain.