Safe at lofty heights

Ropeways have to be adapted individually to the needs of the customer, the characteristics of the mountain and the ambient conditions. And of course: they must provide maximum safety for passengers and operating personnel! Whoever wants to be 100% on the safe side will opt for Safety Integrated.

Safety without compromise

As one of the world's leading manufacturers of ropeways, Leitner provides high-tech solutions, innovative design, highest quality and functionality for comfortable passenger transport. Leiter ropeways does not make any compromises where safety is concerned – and has been relying on safety technology from Siemens for many years.
With safety systems from Siemens, we have a competent, reliable partner in safety technology, and we have a control solution that is tailored to our equipment.
Günter Tschinkel, Head of Electrical Engineering Leitner ropeways

Safely up the Stubai Glacier

After a construction period of only 16 months, the tricable (3S) gondola lift was ready for operation in 2016. At just under 4.7 km, it has since become the longest of its kind in the Alps and the world's first tricable gondola lift in two sections with continuous operation. A total of 49 cabins travel up and down and transport up to 3,000 people an hour – held and moved by means of two support cables and one hauling cable. 


As passenger safety has highest priority, the ropeway manufacturer relies on control technology from Siemens, explains Günter Tschinkel, Head of Electrical Engineering at Leitner ropeways: "We have been using safety technology from Siemens for twelve years now. At the moment we are still largely using Simatic S7-300F controllers, but we are gradually changing over to Simatic S7-1500F. As drive technology, we are using the smaller frame sizes of the modular Sinamics G120 and S120 frequency converters with their integrated safety functions. We want to equip all new projects with this control technology by the 2019 winter season."


The equipment was configured in the TIA Portal, with several individual projects being combined to form an overall system. Communication via Profinet makes remote maintenance and comprehensive diagnostics possible, and significantly simplifies operation and servicing of the equipment for the employees. Large data volumes can be transmitted from the lower station to the upper station via optical lines. Not only the automation data, but also the visualization and monitoring data can thus be easily communicated. 

We use the entire spectrum of the Simatic controller family in our safety solutions. And for our auxiliary drives we use the small ranges of the Sinamics family, with their safety functions such as STO or safe speed monitoring or safe torque monitoring.
Günter Tschinkel, Head of Electrical Engineering Leitner ropeways