Safety Integrated for optimum process safety

Protecting people, plants and the environment

The complex processes in the process industry are associated with high demands on functional safety. With Safety Integrated you use an innovative safety technology characterized by its flexibility and reliability. It therefore provides optimum protection for people, plants, and the environment. While the engineering effort is minimized, an economical operation is ensured at the same time. Reliability, system integration, and utmost availability are key factors in this regard.

Safety Integrated at a glance

Functional safety: the foundation of the process industry

Safety is not only hugely significant due the strict regulations which have to be observed. It is also the foundation for the protection of people, plants, and the environment. Consequently, it is the most important factor for plant availability and the protection of investments.

Safety and security as the basis for continuous plant operation

Consistent protection of persons, the environment, and assets is the basis for sustainable success. We are constantly working toward improving our products and services to provide you with optimum support in the safety of your processes and plants. Our knowledge of statutory provisions and safety requirements is exemplary and a great deal of focus is placed on both existing and emerging standards. In order to satisfy these standards, highly developed concepts for safety, plant availability, and servicing are absolutely essential.

This is how you benefit from Safety Integrated