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The safety-related system from Siemens comprises safe controllers, secure bus systems and I/O devices, as well as safe instrumentation. On this basis, we provide you with first-class, comprehensive and integrated solutions for the process industry, combined with outstanding services for all phases in the life of a safety-related system.

Safety Integrated

Simple, flexible and scalable for the ideal solution

Simple operation of the SIMATIC S7 Safety Matrix and flexible installation with Flexible Modular Redundancy FMR provides the optimum solution for your plant. Whether integrated in the SIMATIC PCS 7 control system or as a stand-alone solution. Redundancies can be set up in all levels to attain the best possible availability. Process instrumentation, drives and the Motor Control Center complete the offer.

Safety concepts


Separate systems allow the F system to be connected to every DCS



Separate systems with shared engineering and HMI.



A common system for Safety and DCS, shared hardware, and optionally Standard & Safety communication on the same network. Separated by the Safety Integrated Technology and certified up to SIL 3.

FMR permits a flexible and modular setup with diverse redundancy possibilities and advantages:

  • SIL 3, completely independent of structure or architecture
  • Higher availability due to redundancies in the system
  • Maximum scalability on the I/O level
  • Flexible connection of field devices
  • Architectures adapted to the respective requirements
  • Cost optimization

Safety Lifecycle Engineering with SIMATIC S7 F systems and S7 Safety Matrix


The standard and safety programs are created in the proven SIMATIC Manager – with or without SIMATIC PCS 7. This reduces the engineering costs and also the training effort.


You draft the safety section of the program using the Continuous Function Chart (CFC) or the SIMATIC Safety Matrix, the innovative and convenient tool for safety lifecycle engineering and management.


To this end, you use TÜV-certified function blocks from the library in S7 F systems.

Working based on the Cause&Effect principle, SIMATIC Safety Matrix lowers the effort and costs for engineering, commissioning, and maintenance considerably and covers all cycles of the safety lifecycle.

Certified products

Our portfolio for safe processes

Whether automation, instrumentation, drives, or communication: Safety Integrated ensures first-class automation solutions for the process industry at all times.

Certified up to SIL 3 according to IEC 61508, IEC 61511

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SIS Compact

SIMATIC SIS compact is designed as a SIS (Safety Instrumented System) based on SIMATIC PCS 7 and the SIMATIC Safety Integrated product range.

The functionality of the SIMATIC SIS compact has been adapted to suit the price structures and requirements of extremely price-sensitive markets for small and medium-size plants such as tanks and burners (Burner Management Systems).

As a stand-alone system, it is configured for small to medium-sized safety applications up to SIL 3. Both single and redundant configurations are available, which include MODBUS TCP communication or even an operator panel. The other option can be retrofitted respectively.

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PCS 7 AS 410/410E

For direct integration in SIMATIC PCS 7. Likewise in single and redundant configuration. Systems can be operated purely as safety systems, or even as a combined safety system and BPCS.

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The SIMATIC ET 200M is the modular I/O device for the control cabinet for multi-channel applications with SIMATIC S7-300/400. In this regard, the SIMATIC ET 200M can be used for both standard and for safety-oriented applications. Within the SIMATIC ET 200 range, SIMATIC ET 200M represents the main series of distributed I/O systems for process control applications with SIMATIC PCS 7 and SIMATIC SIS compact.

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ET 200iSP

The SIMATIC ET 200iSP distributed I/O system is the economical solution for hazardous areas. The intrinsically safe and modular I/O is particularly flexible and requires little effort for engineering, installation, and wiring. The SIMATIC ET 200iSP is used primarily in the process industry and offers optimum integration in the SIMATIC SIS compact and SIMATIC PCS 7. As intrinsically safe peripheral, it enables direct installation in potentially explosive gas and dust areas, i.e. in zones 1 and 2 as well as 21 and 22; sensors and actuators can be located directly in zones 0 and 20. Comprehensive standards and approvals are available for the SIMATIC ET 200iSP.


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The innovative SIMATIC ET 200SP distributed I/O features maximum usability, a particularly compact design, and impressive performance. Thanks to our constant exchange of information with users around the world and in all industries, we were able to design the SIMATIC ET 200SP to be even more practice-oriented and user-friendly.

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S7 F Systems
The library contains the fail-safe software modules for application development of the controllers.
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S7 Safety Matrix

Tool for creating the safety logic applying the Cause&Effect method.

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All essential information regarding the "Functional safety for process instrumentation and analytics" can be found here.



Safe drive technology with integrated safety functions enables effective safety concepts and safeguards productivity.


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Fail-safe motor management systems allow the necessary safety functions to be easily integrated into motor feeders of new or existing switchgear concepts.

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The PROFIsafe profile of PROFIBUS International (PI for short) is used for secure communication. This profile can be applied up to SIL 3, both on PROFIBUS and on PROFINET.

Information on PI: www.profibus.com
Further information on PROFINET: www.siemens.com/profinet
Further information on PROFIBUS: www.siemens.com/profibus

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