SIMATIC software and licenses

Efficient license and update management for SIMATIC software

Efficient license and update management for SIMATIC software

The constant development of SIMATIC software makes sure that all automation components are integrated at the latest levels. Today’s automation solutions must overcome a vast range of challenges. That calls for high-performance software – as efficient, flexible and reliable as possible, both now and in the future. Choosing the right license for your own application will keep your software cost-effectively up to date.

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The right solution for every use

Up-to-date software is essential if you want to work efficiently and get reliable results. Yet even for software, costs have to remain transparent and explicable. That’s why SIMATIC software offers you not just a variety of license types, but useful tools to help you manage your licenses conveniently and keep your software up to date.

Always the right license

Whether you need a license for a single workspace, a small team or an international corporation – Siemens has the right license for your application, so you can use your SIMATIC software cost-effectively in just the right way for your needs.

SIMATIC licenses at a glance

When using SIMATIC software you have a variety of licensing options tailored to your individual needs and preferred use.


Trial – a license to try us out

With a Trial license you can install the corresponding SIMATIC software product on one computer. After the first time you launch the program you can use it without restrictions for a limited time (e.g. 21 days), for testing and evaluation purposes – however it is not meant for production. We are not subject to liability of any kind for this type of license. Once the Trial license expires, the software cannot be relaunched till you download and apply a corresponding Floating or Single License key for the same version. There is no need to reinstall the software. 


When is a Trial version the right one for you?

  • You want to try out the software before you decide to buy.
  • You want to use the software to evaluate internal processes.
  • You don’t want any compromises on functionality or performance during the testing and evaluation phase.

Rental – an extensive full-year trial

The Rental license allows the installation of SIMATIC software products on a single computer and remains fully valid for 365 days after the first start of the software. Once the Rental license has expired, the purchase of a full license will enable the further use of the software. The Rental license can only be purchased in combination with a S7-1500 Starter Kit


When is a Rental license the right one for you?

  • You want to try out the software’s interaction with a CPU like the S7-1500.
  • You want an extensive trial and evaluation phase with no limitations on functionality or performance.
Single license

Single – ideal for single-location computers

Under a Single license, you can install and run SIMATIC software products, especially runtime versions like WinCC Runtime Advanced, without restrictions, on a single computer. The license, together with the software, is stored locally on the computer and cannot be transferred to other computers.


When is a Single license the right one for you?

You want to operate your SIMATIC software on only one computer – but for an unlimited length of time.

Floating license

Floating – for maximum user flexibility

A Floating license allows you to install the software on as many computers as you like. For each license, one user can use the software no matter what computer they’re on, or where they’re working. The number of licenses determines the number of computers the software can be used on at one time. A Floating license has an indefinite run time, and with a current license key, it also lets you use older versions of the same software family (e.g. STEP 7 / WinCC in the TIA Portal). 


When is a Floating license the right one for you?

  • Multiple users have to work with the same software – but not simultaneously.
  • One user uses multiple workplaces, like a desktop computer at the office and a notebook on service calls.
  • There are more workplaces than are used simultaneously.
License type
Trial version
Rental version
Full version
Full version
Scope of functions
e.g. 21 days
365 days
Permitted installation units
1 PC
1 PC
1 PC
multiple PCs
License storage
local / server

Automation License Manager

The Automation License Manager (ALM) makes managing all your licenses especially efficient, and as easy as pie. It reduces management effort and expense and provides transparency about the software you’re using, right down to the machine level.

  • Manage licenses locally or with server support
    You can use your licenses within the company network or locally

  • License overview
    ALM gives you a very convenient overview of all the licenses available

  • Get licenses online
    You can download licenses easily via drag & drop from the Siemens Online Software Delivery (OSD) platform

A tool for every task

The Automation License Manager is an integral part of every SIMATIC software product, and provides a complete overview of all your available licenses. It makes it faster and easier than ever before to manage existing licenses and get new ones.

You can download SIMATIC software directly through the Automation License Manager. Transfer licenses directly by drag & drop from the Online Software Delivery (OSD) platform to your hard disk.

Software Update Service – always up to date

The Software Update Service (SUS) is the fastest, easiest way to keep SIMATIC software up to date anytime – automatically and at a cost that can fit your budget.

Automatically at the latest level

When you order the Software Update Service for your product, you’ll get every upgrade and service pack of your SIMATIC software product, delivered at no charge right to your workplace for a whole year. All you need is a valid software license for the latest available version.


  • Fast and up to date 
    Upgrades and Service Packs are available immediately after they’re released

  • Proactive
    You’ll get the SIMATIC software product delivered at no charge right to your workplace or be notified automatically about updates via e-mail

  • Transparent
    You can check and manage all SUS contracts via the SUS Manager

  • Manageable cost 
    An economical flat annual fee for software maintenance.

All updates at your fingertips: the SUS Manager

The SUS Manager gives you complete transparency about your SUS contracts. You can filter, select and edit your contracts easily to suit your own needs.


Besides helping you change your standing delivery address, the SUS Manager also helps you convert the form of delivery for your SUS contract to SUS Download, with no complications.


Just access the SUS Manager using the Industry Mall login you already have. Or launch the SUS Manager directly and conveniently from the Automation License Manager (ALM).


You’ll get notices about your change orders and other orders by e-mail.

Always up to date, at no additional charge

No matter whether you’re making minor adjustments and optimizations, or loading entirely new software versions with higher performance and more functions – when you order an SUS, you’ve made a sustainable decision that will keep you easily and conveniently up to date for the life of your contract.


You have the choice – SUS forms of delivery at a glance (shown at an example of 3 contracts)

SUS Download

Initial delivery

  • 1 email with information on downloading the 3 Certificates Of Contract (COC)

Subsequent delivery (Service Pack)

  • 1 email with information on downloading the software, files

Subsequent delivery (Upgrades)

  • 1 email with information on downloading
  • Software, files
  • 3 license keys
  • 3 Certificates Of License (COL)

SUS Package

Initial delivery

  • 3 packaging units with 1 Certificate Of Contract (COC) each

Subsequent delivery (Service Pack)

  • 3 data storage media sets

Subsequent delivery (Upgrades)

  • 3 packaging units, each with:
  • 1 data storage media set
  • 1 memory stick with 1 license key
  • 1 Certificate Of License (COL)

SUS Compact

Initial delivery

  • 1 packaging unit with 3 Certificates Of Contract (COC)

Subsequent delivery (Service Pack)

  • 1 data storage media set

Subsequent delivery (Upgrades)

  • 1 packaging unit with:
  • 1 data storage media set
  • 1 memory stick with 3 license keys
  • 3 Certificates Of License (COL)

The clever alternative to conventional SUS deliveries – SUS Download

SUS downloads are a new way of delivery that automatically provides all released materials for SIMATIC software for downloading. That goes for all contract documents, licenses, upgrades and updates. So you can be sure the automation software you’re using will always stay up to date, anytime, right away – and without any of the additional logistical effort and environmental pollution that comes with sending physical data media.

Updates at the touch of a key

Online Software Delivery (OSD) gets you your licenses and software even faster – whether it’s a new order or SUS deliveries. No matter where or when, you can download licenses and SIMATIC software from the Internet – faster than ever.

Online Software Delivery – the up-to-date option

You can benefit from the opportunities of the Internet for automation software too, with fast software downloads.


Why wait if it’s faster?


Just download your new software, together with the license keys, from the Online Software Delivery (OSD) platform – no matter where or when. That gives you faster access to software packages and Service Packs.



  • Up-to-date, available anytime 
    You get all released materials for SIMATIC software at the touch of a key

  • Fast
    You can launch the software as soon as you get it

  • As reliable as ever
    As reliable as shipping software via conventional mail – but a lot faster

  • Environmentally friendly
    No environmental pollution from materials or the shipping process

Here’s how Online Software Delivery works

Order the software to be downloaded, along with the Software Update Service and the associated license keys, by way of the Industry Mall. Choose the download version you want for your product by way of the item number there. After that, you’ll get an e-mail with your access information so you can download the license and your software.


Please note that products in the Industry Mall that are available for download are identified like this:




⊙↓ This product is downloadable only.