Greater flexibility and openness thanks to digital workflow

The digital twin provides the faster and more flexible way to your new machine

Machines are growing more and more complex, and must meet stringent availability demands. In addition, plant operators want to be able to respond more and more quickly to new market demands, and need new machines faster. But constructing prototypes during development and the possibility of problems during commissioning can cost valuable time – and money.

At a glance

Playing it safe with simulations and tests

The digital workflow lets you create an exact virtual representation (the virtual twin) of machines and plant as early as the design phase, and simulate and test it, so you can identify and avoid problems at an early stage, with no need for real prototypes – even before the real counterpart is constructed. The digital twin is also networked with the operational IT system and the cloud, giving you the option of more flexibility and ultimately leading to better products.

Consistent digital design

Your digital twin is created when a new machine is designed in an entirely virtual environment. You can use it to perform multiphysical simulations and discover where problems will arise, and which components you still need to optimize, even before the real machine is constructed. Because the data is completely consistent, and is available to all the employees working on the development, the project can benefit from simultaneous input from the mechanical, electrical, and automation disciplines.

Use cases

Digital workflow enables more efficient engineering

Digital workflow makes the whole engineering environment easier: Consistent data management, a cloud connection, and virtualization all save you valuable time when it comes to machine development and commissioning.

TIA Selection Tool

Perfect planning for your project

A successful project starts with perfect planning. The TIA Selection Tool helps you with easy, fast, and intelligent configuration based on our product portfolio. It’s available as a desktop version for downloading, or as a cloud-based option.