The production of the future will optimize itself continuously

New IT technologies will help enterprises across all industries to master future challenges. Siemens is continuously integrating these technologies in its portfolio to offer the future of automation.
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Trends in automation

New technologies determine the future of automation

Digitalization opens up undreamed-of potentials to raise productivity, but also will increase complexity. To handle this complexity in a digital enterprise it’s crucial to utilize the best of automation, digitalization and IT technologies.

We link the latest technology, including artificial intelligence, augmented reality, the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and digital twins with our deep automation know-how in all industries where we do business. Our mission is to give holistic answers for digital enterprises that will redefine automation and provide valuable applications to the manufacturing industry.

These applications will change the way, products come to life, how they will be produced and how they evolve. Autonomous cyber-physical systems will enable a model-based engineering in a closed loop from the product design to production including feedback from the products’ lifecycle itself. Engineering efforts will further go down to a minimum. In addition, use cases based on new IT technology, like edge computing or augmented reality will boost productivity to a new level.

What future technologies can do for you

When innovative technologies can be adapted to fulfill the demanding requirements of industry, they can drive productivity and availability to new heights.


What experts say about the future of automation

Fundamentally, the next wave of revolution is all about intelligent automation leveraging the benefits of AR and AI, and edge devices. Intelligent automation is here to stay and is ready to transform manufacturing as we know it. Read on to know why, how and when the new era of intelligent automation will dawn upon us.

Reimagining Factory Automation

Factory automation has played a pivotal role in the evolution of manufacturing from the early days of manual control through relays and switches to the advanced digital platforms that are seen today. Increasing productivity, achieving mass production, and improving efficiencies have been a perennial quest for manufacturers and have been catalysts for advancements in automation.


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Siemens research activities for new technologies in combination with its core businesses leverage the ability to uniquely innovate and guide customers through change.


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Are you having questions about future technologies that push your automation environment? Do you wonder how to best integrate technologies like augmented reality or artificial intelligence in your automation environment? Our experts are looking forward to supporting you with finding the right digital strategy and implementation planning.