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The Room Automation value calculator gives a forecast of energy savings, CO2 reduction and cost benefits based on European measurement parameters. One of the main concerns of building owners and managers is the control of the building's energy efficiency and of energy costs. Energy savings in buildings are intimately linked to the existence of automatic control that allows us to interact with the aggregates that make up the installations, to real-time measurements of consumption, set working conditions, and adaptation of the building to the needs in every situation. In a service sector building, there is a system of more or less complex facilities, whose main function is to provide the necessary conditions of well-being, comfort and security. Therefore, depending on the use and requirements of such a building, there are electrical installations, water supply, heating, air conditioning, lighting, shading, fire detection and extinguishing, access controls, CCTV, etc. In addition, the EU establishes values by which it regulates if a building is energy-efficient and sustainable. When employing Siemens' Room Automation value calculator – using very basic data of the building (m2, use, number of occupants, etc.) and the country in which it is located – you will know the energy and economic savings from which you profit, thanks to the Desigo portfolio.

By simply using facility's data, the value calculator offers a preview of room automation benefits:

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