Fire detection and devices (UL)

Siemens fire detection

The sooner you know about the fire, the sooner you can fight it.

Your building’s fire detection system is your first line of defense in protecting people’s lives and your business. The sooner a fire is detected, the sooner you can do something about it—evacuate people, alert first responders, and limit property damage. Our fire detection systems rely on innovative technologies and Siemens’ long history of experience and expertise in these areas.

Did you know?

Siemens is making the UL268 7th Edition compatibility simple with no gaps in product availability.

  • No changes to Cerberus PRO and Desigo Detector Portfolio (same part and model numbers).
  • No panel changes required- all backward compatible!
  • All UL labeled detectors prior to certification do not have to be replaced.

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Check out our #Askthe Expert Video Series from NFPA 2019 to see the latest in our Fire Safety portfolio enhancements, campaigns and initiatives!

About ASAtechnology™ and our No False Alarm Guarantee

When your building is protected by Siemens Advanced Signal Analysis—ASAtechnology™—detectors, we are proud to offer you our No False Alarm Guarantee. Our highly advanced technology intelligently detects smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide in any environment, without false alarms. 


We are so confident in this technology and its ability to quickly identify fire emergencies, without being affected by deceptive phenomena, that we will pay any fines that result from a false alarm triggered by these detectors, provided that the device was purchased from an authorized Siemens outlet, settings were properly applied, and the detector was properly tested and maintained.

Fire detection and devices portfolio

Choose the right fire detection technologies for your facility

Large or small, single building or entire campus, Siemens comprehensive portfolio of fire detection technologies set the standard for reliable detection, fast notification, and rapid response. From cost effective standard detectors to advanced detectors (ASAtechnology) providing superior detection with redundant sensors increasing reliability and forward backward light scattering providing enhanced sensitivity while preventing false alarms.

Complete Portfolio of Cerberus PRO Detectors

Complete Portfolio of Desigo Fire Safety Detectors

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