Optimal experience for cyclists using self-service bicycle parking

with the bicycle parking solutions from Siemens

Urbanisation, sustainability and digitalisation are important trends that are increasing bicycle use. Urban areas are becoming larger, busier and more densely populated, car-free zones and environmental zones are being introduced and shared bicycle systems are mushrooming. Therefore, accessibility of cities is high on the agenda of the Dutch government, as a result of which the use of public transport and bicycle is being stimulated and increased. The proper organisation of bicycle parking is becoming increasingly important for municipalities, transport companies and public authorities.


Siemens has developed bicycle parking concepts which allow bicycle users to park their bicycles safely, quickly and easily. These concepts contribute to a better accessibility of the city and a strong reduction of the number of 'stray bikes' within cities, around public transport hubs and public buildings. With the new solution, Siemens ensures that the user can easily gain access with, for example, bank card, employee card, student card or city card, the public transport chip card and soon also with OV-Pay, the new payment facility within the public transport system. In addition, the use of a bike tag on a bicycle offers the possibility of access without any additional action on the part of the cyclist. There is no need to remove a card from the wallet or pocket.


The new concept offers the cyclist more comfort, convenience and a safer feeling. The use of transparent materials in the entrance area creates an inviting atmosphere. Cyclists can immediately see where they need to go and have a good overview. The concept can be flexibly designed, e.g. with free parking for the first 24 hours, camera surveillance with image recording, intuitive gates and pillars. The Siemens Customer Service Centre (CSC) is available 24/7 to support users and monitor camera images. In short, the safety and convenience of the user are central! 

Access control

The self-service bicycle parking concept is a user-friendly, safe and cost-efficient concept for automated bicycle parking. It is important that users can identify themselves at the entrance of the parking facility, can easily find a free spot and can easily pay when leaving. Ease of use comes first!


For this reason, the concept is flexible in design, think of the following elements:  

- Checking in and out with a bank card, OV-chipkaart, company card, bicycle tag or with the smartphone.

- A variable parking fee, for example free for the first 24 hours.

- Subscription holders can get a tag on their bicycle that automatically checks them in and out.

Customer Service Center (CSC)

The Siemens Customer Service Centre can be used for multi-faceted support of the bicycle parking facility. First of all, the CSC is available 24/7 via intercom call to support users when they pass the gate, for instance in case of a lost pass or incorrect bookings. Cameras present in the parking facility allow a live view of the situation on site. In addition, the CSC is an important link in the real-time monitoring of the systems. In case of a detected malfunction, the right technician will be contacted immediately, who will solve the problem remotely or on-site.