Manage asset performance

Managing your building’s infrastructure equipment throughout its entire lifecycle means longer lasting and more reliable equipment that requires less OPEX spending to maintain its performance.Asset performance services from Siemens improve the normal service life of building’s physical assets through an innovative, data-driven approach to repair and maintenance strategies.

All you need to an innovative, data-driven approach to improve the normal useful life of building’s physical assets.

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Alarm optimization

Reduces comfort-related disturbances flagged by Building Management Systems in your facility and improves long-term performance. Alarm Optimization focuses on the most relevant Building Management System alarms and identifies and resolves their root causes. The benefits of Alarm Optimization include fewer reactive maintenance activities and therefore lower maintenance costs.


This services uses performance data from individual pieces of equipment (assets) and trends from the building automation system to identify Facility Improvement Measures (FIMs).  

Siemens will also implement these changes remotely whenever applicable. By identifying and correcting schedule and programming issues, buildings maintain an efficient and continuously optimized environment.


CloudOps takes a systematic approach to test, verify, optimize, and maintain system performance through data-driven analytics and onsite scheduled O&M. CloudOps lets you focus maintenance activities and prioritize problem resolution to achieve operational and cost efficiencies.

Total Energy Management

Customized energy management

From energy reduction to energy production and procurement, Siemens assists organizations of all types in customizing an energy management program that addresses their needs from both sides of the meter. Our approach ensures a comprehensive plan to meet strategic and technical goals today, while protecting and optimizing investments well into the future with continuous data analysis and support. Find out more on how Siemens combines expertise, technology and services that lower operating costs and risks, and reduce environmental impact using packages of the portfolio elements.
A new approach to energy and sustainability management

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