SIMARIS configuration software

Digital engineering

The SIMARIS configuration software supports a fully digital engineering process when building distribution systems, from planning to cost calculation and bid preparation to documentation of distribution systems in compliance with the standards. This approach optimizes the electrical power distribution processes and saves significant time and money in the planning, offer preparation and implementation of distribution systems.

Optimize your distribution system design processes with SIMARIS configuration

Download SIMARIS configuration

SIMARIS configuration

Design distribution systems easily and consistently

Electrical power distribution plays a key role in the smooth operation of buildings and infrastructure applications. It has to ensure the failsafe supply of power to all plants and systems, help optimize consumption and be integrated into the building automation system. The planning of distribution systems is getting all the more demanding, while board construction projects experience ever faster cycles. The solution is a software-based configuration with the aid of SIMARIS configuration. The configuration software can be used for fast, failsafe and consistent planning, based on a shared platform, of the SIVACON S8, SIVACON S4 and ALPHA 3200 power distribution boards as well as the ALPHA installation distribution boards.

The SIMARIS configuration software is intuitive. You can quickly and easily create new projects by entering a few items of relevant project data.

Structured menus and the graphical display of selection options simplify and speed up project planning. Intelligent preselecting of devices after defining their functions and their automatic placement increases planning reliability. Errors are automatically displayed during configuration and can be immediately corrected. The integrated power loss calculation supports correct dimensioning of heat dissipation in the power distribution board.

Configuring the devices from the SENTRON portfolio according to order number and the integrated price calculation enable you to prepare offers faster. The software also handles the copper calculation, and it can also be used to calculate the price of installation.

Bills of materials can be generated with a mouse click, which simplifies ordering. View drawings, such a front or cutout views, are output in DXF or DWG format and can thus be further processed in CAD programs. The single-line circuit diagram simplifies the system documentation. Corresponding certificates and test documentation according to IEC 61439 are stored in the software.


SIMARIS configuration – your benefits

  • Quick, easy and failsafe planning and configuration of distribution systems using a single software program for the entire power distribution system
  • Automatic power loss calculation for fast and correct heat calculation
  • Easy price calculation, bid preparation and ordering
  • Comprehensive system documentation according to IEC 61439
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Easy and fast project planning

Take advantage of the benefits of SIMARIS configuration software and save time and money in planning your engineering processes for electrical power distribution. Download the configuration software here.

Optimize your distribution board design processes with SIMARIS configuration

Download SIMARIS configuration