Flexible, versatile solutions for PC-based automation

With PC-based automation, you can implement applications and solutions that far exceed the functions of a classic controller. SIMATIC PC-based products offer you a flexible, innovative platform with long-term availability that gives you a home field advantage when meeting the challenges of the future for your machines and plants.

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Rack PCs from Siemens – perfect for industrial applications

SIMATIC Rack PCs offer you the right system performance even for demanding applications. They can be quickly and flexibly extended and thanks to a sophisticated industrial design and integrated diagnostics and message functions, they are highly available and easy to maintain. PC options for industrial server applications offer higher performance, availability, and data security.


Compact industrial PCs from Siemens – for installation close to the process

Our rugged, compact SIMATIC Box PCs offer you high performance in a small space. They are rugged and designed for an extended temperature range, allowing them to be installed directly in the control cabinet – the ideal solution for process and machine-level data processing or visualization.


A rugged, powerful combination of industrial PC and operator panel

SIMATIC Panel PCs are ideal for visualization tasks directly on the machine or in the plant. They combine an industrial PC and an operator panel and meet a variety of requirements thanks to a large device family. All SIMATIC Panel PCs are impressive with their ruggedness, performance, and brilliant display.

SIMATIC Industrial Monitors and Thin Clients

Reliable and extremely robust LCD monitors from Siemens

There are numerous areas of application for industrial monitors and thin clients: whether as a desktop device for maintenance, as a built-in unit for control consoles, or as a PC-based visualization and control solution requiring a spatially separated setup of the operator panel and the industrial PC or server. SIMATIC Industrial Monitors and Thin Clients always offer you the optimal solution – as a standalone product or also with several control stations.

SIMATIC Industrial Tablet PC

The tablet for your daily industrial routine

The SIMATIC ITP1000 Tablet PC offers the performance of SIMATIC industrial PCs in a tablet format. With this tablet, you will always be accompanied by a powerful assistant that is ready to meet any daily challenges. With many practical functionalities and high CPU performance comparable to the level of many notebooks, it makes your work faster and more flexible.

SIMATIC devices for special requirements

SIMATIC devices for special requirements

PC-based devices for special requirements from Siemens

SIMATIC PC-based products also meet special requirements for ruggedness, safety, hygiene and mobility: Ex-protected, with stainless steel fronts for the food and beverage industry, fully dust-proof and splash-proof with a stable aluminum enclosure for installation outside a control cabinet, or for mobile use in industry.

SIMATIC Industrial IoT Gateways

The intelligent gateway for industrial IoT solutions

With the SIMATIC Industrial IoT Gateway, you can easily implement future-oriented production concepts in existing plants with machines from different manufacturers or on different technological levels. The intelligent gateway harmonizes and analyzes communication between the various data sources and forwards the data to the corresponding recipients.

SIMATIC Software Controller

Software Controllers – be open and independent

SIMATIC Software Controllers offer you maximum precision and speed combined with PC-based automation – for example, for special machines with high requirements in terms of performance and functionality. The PC-based controller is fully independent of the operating system and thus increases system availability.

SIMATIC IPC software and accessories

SIMATIC IPC software and accessories

Software tools, packages, and system components for SIMATIC PC-based

The expansion components for SIMATIC PC-based products support you in the configuration, diagnosis, and visualization of your PC-based automation. With our perfectly coordinated software tools, packages, and system components, you maintain constant control over the process, can promptly detect potential failures, and effectively minimize plant downtimes. 

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Application options

A home field advantage in the digital factory

In manufacturing and production, linking information across all corporate levels increases the demands placed on computing power, functions and availability. With SIMATIC PC-based, you can already prepare your machines and plants for the challenges of the digital factory today.

Faster arrival at the finished solution

The system-tested components of SIMATIC PC-based reduce testing, validation, and integration overhead and shorten the time to market, as well as supporting you in operation.

  • Redundancy (hard disks, servers, and integrated UPSs) guarantee high system and data availability
  • Intelligent diagnostics reduce downtime and permit preventive maintenance
  • Attractive package reduces the total cost of ownership

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Be open and independent

The SIMATIC S7-1500 Software Controller combines the benefits of SIMATIC controllers with the benefits of PC-based automation. You can easily implement interfaces to PC applications and integrate real-time-capable, high-level language code into your solution – and can use the same tools for engineering as you do with SIMATIC S7-1500 Advanced Controllers.

  • Fail-safe control thanks to Safety Integrated
  • High level of security thanks to know-how protection and access protection with Security Integrated
  • User-friendly engineering in the TIA Portal

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Handy assistant in the factory

The SIMATIC ITP1000 Tablet PC offers the performance of SIMATIC PC-based in a tablet format. This powerful mobile device supports you in your daily production and manufacturing tasks and is rugged and durable.

  • Ideal platform for acquiring, processing and transferring data in accordance with specific commercial requirements 
  • Supports sequences in production, warehousing, plant maintenance, and field service 
  • High availability thanks to Remote Manager and integrated diagnostics

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The right information in the right place

Flexible, scalable, powerful visualization with SIMATIC WinCC makes your production sequences transparent. It helps you to optimize processes and boost the availability of your machines and production plants.

  • PC-based control and monitoring solution for standalone systems at the machine level
  • Basic package for visualization, reporting, and logging and user management, flexibly expandable through VB scripts
  • Expanded service concepts with remote operation, diagnosis and administration via intranet and Internet in combination with e-mail communication

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Performance for intelligent automation

With flexible production concepts in the digital factory, the range of digital image processing tasks also grows. SIMATIC industrial PCs are the ideal platform for fast and accurate industrial image processing.

  • Powerful, reliable hardware 
  • High-performance quality inspection, machine operation, parts identification, process control, and code reading 
  • Flexible expansion options

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Transform data into information

With SIMATIC IPCs and SIMATIC IOT2000, you easily and securely connect your existing plants with the cloud or your IT and thus integrate them into the digital factory.

  • Open platform for acquiring, processing, and transferring production data to the cloud or in-house IT 
  • Rugged, maintenance-free gateways
  • Reliable industrial servers

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Whitepaper:The role of the industrial PC in digitalization

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