In Oman, for Oman

To determine what contribution we make to Oman’s society, we’ve created our Business to Society pocket map for Oman. Read on to discover the various ways we can share our know-how and ingenuity - and help Oman achieve its national goals.

Business to Society: In Oman, for Oman - Find our pocket map here.

We look beyond the bottom line and consider how our business serves society as a whole. We believe the purpose of our company is to contribute to the well-being of society and to impact positively on people’s lives.

Areas of operation

What matters to Oman?

Oman is striving to provide excellent education and healthcare; a competitive and knowledge-driven economy; a high quality of life; and an innovative, nurturing, and sustainable environment. In order to help the country achieve these goals – and to understand our own influence as a company – we identified which areas need improvement and are most important to the Oman.
Siemens Value Map

How do we contribute to Oman’s development?

The Siemens Value Map shows how we contribute to driving the economy, supporting transformation, sustaining the environment, developing local jobs and skills, improving quality of life, and value-adding innovation. Here are some examples of our contributions in these topics:
Business to Society

What is our contribution to a better quality of life?

Measuring the role we play and the benefit we create in Oman’s society.

Siemens has been a strategic partner in the Middle East for more than 150 years. In Oman, we have been operating since 1974. Our commitment and presence in the Sultanate continues to grow in alignment with Oman’s vision for the future. We are contributing to Oman’s diversification plan and long-term economic growth by bringing our technologies in the fields of electrification, automation, and digitalization, and by proactively transferring knowledge and technical expertise.


We strive to make real what matters. We call this approach “Business to Society”.


That’s why we’ve put together our Business to Society pocket map, a sustainability-focused method aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), to make our contribution to Oman’s society measurable. 


The SDGs remind us, at Siemens, of our role in working with society, for society. By aligning our corporate sustainability goals with the SDGs, we can contribute to the global endeavor of creating a more sustainable future.


We are in Oman, for Oman.