Smart hospitals – the building is part of the healing process

Building technology helps create perfect places for patients to heal and for staff to work. #CreatingPerfectPlaces
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Smart healthcare

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Discover how innovations in smart infrastructure technologies can help hospitals adapting to the new normal and providing a positive patient experience.

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New challenges in the transition to the new normal

Especially in demanding times like these, the demand for healthcare services is growing. Patients have ever-increasing expectations about the safety and quality of healthcare treatments and services. In addition, regulations are becoming more and more complex.

Smart for the new normal is our answer to master the healthcare challenges of today and tomorrow. Hospitals must excel in the new normal and digitalization is key to this. It revolutionizes hospitals on human, financial and operational levels. Smart hospitals come along with lower infection risks, enhanced security and improved air quality while at the same time improving patient satisfaction and optimizing staff and energy efficiency. Smart infrastructure from Siemens helps hospitals to master this digital transformation by collecting, analyzing and making use of data. We provide the hardware and software needed to get the most out of a hospital’s infrastructure to create a safe environment that supports the entire healing process.

The right solution for every room

Perfect conditions for a fast recovery and efficient work

All hospital rooms have their own specific requirements.  Specialized applications require even more specialized implementations in operating rooms, pressurized rooms and laboratories. Our solutions help patients recover faster and the staff to work more efficiently – in a comfortable environment.
Patient satisfaction

Satisfied patients for better outcomes

A hospital stay always involves a loss of control. Patients spend a large part of their day in a hospital bed, experiencing little contact with the outside world or with family and friends. WiFi and control over room conditions are especially important for patient satisfaction. Studies show that a comfortable environment has a positive impact on the healing process.

Desigo Room Automation allows patients to control temperature, ventilation and other functions in their room to increase their comfort. Room control applications can easily be displayed on the patient’s smartphone or tablet. New lighting technologies also support the healing process: Circadian lighting follows the patient's natural rhythm, increases comfort and speeds up recovery. Navigation apps help visitors and patients find their way through the vast hospital grounds, reduce complexity and enhance comfort.

In addition, comprehensive security solutions adapted to the hospital’s requirements protect patients physically and electronically – because the perfect place is a safe and secure one.

Enhanced staff productivity

Higher productivity increases attractiveness

Hospital work is demanding: Both physical and mental stress must be managed, patients satisfied and mistakes avoided. Growing demands and cost reductions have a direct impact on the daily routine of hospital staff. So it's especially important to increase efficiency, simplify processes and support the comfort and safety of personnel on a daily basis.

During an average shift, a nurse wastes over an hour looking for equipment and material. Lost or stolen equipment accounts for enormous costs for hospitals every year. In addition, if asset utilization rates aren’t carefully tracked, medical devices are under- or inefficiently utilized, and the invested capital is wasted. Indoor positioning systems (IPSs) reduce costs due to loss of materials and theft and enable a more efficient use of assets, because personnel can determine their location and availability any time at a glance – resulting in increased productivity and more time to invest in patient care.

Hospital personnel are exposed to constant risks, but they must always focus on the well-being of their patients. A work environment that’s as comfortable as possible helps them concentrate on their work and approach their patients with a positive attitude at all times Employees expect to be protected from infections as well as hostile patients or visitors. Customized safety and disinfection solutions combined with advanced building automation create a comfortable, safe and secure workplace – a must for satisfied patients and essential for attracting and retaining talented staff over the long term.

Efficient and reliable business operations

Flexibility and transparency for cost-effective and reliable business operations

Hospitals are open 24 hours a day. Their operation is labor- and energy-intensive. Many departments have high energy-consuming equipment and processes, making hospitals the second-largest energy consumer in the commercial sector. Although potential savings are possible, they must never be realized at the cost of patient comfort or health.   Efficient energy management is the key to ensuring a reliable power supply, reducing energy costs and minimizing environmental impacts. It makes energy consumption and room usage in the building transparent. We have specialized teams that help identify these and other facility improvement measures (FIMs). We implement and finance these measures and guarantee energy savings. Insightful, user-friendly dashboards allow these savings to be monitored from anywhere at all times. 

Building technologies for hospitals should be flexible enough to accommodate future healthcare requirements and treatment methods. With Desigo Room Automation, new space arrangements can be quickly and efficiently implemented.

Smart infrastructure from Siemens: Creating environments that care.

It’s time … for a new way of thinking. Time to connect energy systems, buildings, and industries in a smarter way. Time to protect our planet for the next generation. It‘s time to care.