SIVACON S8 low-voltage switchboard

SIVACON S8 low-voltage switchboard

Safe power distribution, intelligent data and process management

SIVACON S8 is ready for the challenges of the future and digitalization: with special features and a modular design to ensure it is highly reliable, safe, and flexible. Data from SIVACON S8 is available at all times for higher-level automation, energy management, and Cloud-based analysis systems.

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Intelligent Switchboard

Smart ways to use energy data

Today, power distribution must be more than highly reliable. It is an important source of data. Benefit from the data collected in SIVACON S8plus: for optimized processes, predictive maintenance, cost savings thanks to energy transparency, and greater switchboard availability.
Safe Switchboard

Protection against internal arcing for greater safety

When everything depends on a single moment. When milliseconds count. In short: when time is of the essence, a protection system has to win the race. The internal arcing protection system of SIVACON S8plus protects, when it really counts.

SIVACON S8plus with protection against internal arcing

  • Available as a complete solution integrated into design verified, internal arc classified, low-voltage switchboards type SIVACON S8plus up to 1,000 V, 100 kA, 7,010 A
  • Testable – up to 100 test cycles
  • Reusability – 2 full-load operations at fault conditions
  • Continuous self-supervising condition monitoring of the system

The active internal arcing protection system of SIVACON S8plus

  • protects lives and your investment
  • increases system availability 
Safe and modular Switchboard

Distribute power safely and intelligently

SIVACON S8 is setting new standards as a power distribution board or Motor Control Center (MCC) for industrial applications or in infrastructure. And thanks to its modular design, SIVACON S8 can be optimally adapted to meet every requirement.

A clever combination of many features

Use the SIVACON S8 low-voltage switchboard to flexibly structure your power distribution system. The SIVACON S8plus feature package offers additional opportunities – and many advantages:

  • Standardized operation, monitoring and parameterization, and connection to higher-level distributed control systems and Cloud-based systems using SIMARIS control
  • Easy data collection using communications-capable switching and measuring devices and sensors in SIMARIS control
  • Increasing switchboard availability thanks to predictive maintenance with the function Health Status of SIMARIS control
  • Extended protection against internal arcing provides increased personnel and switchboard safety
  • Small withdrawable units save space
  • Energy-efficient cooling ensures higher ratings
  • Powerful motor management system – the solution for the particular requirements of the oil and gas market
  • Extensive support from planning through to maintenance
See our brochure for comprehensive information on the SIVACON S8 low-voltage switchboard.

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Reliable low-voltage switchboard in practical applications

SIVACON S8 is the reliable low-voltage switchboard for applications in industry and infrastructure. It offers a high level of safety for both personnel and system assets. Thanks to its modular design, you retain maximum flexibility in the design of your overall system: all you need to do is adjust SIVACON S8 to meet your specific needs.

Your path to your SIVACON S8

Highly flexible and optimally customized to your specific needs and requirements – just like our service. Utilize the skills and experience of our experts at one of the manufacturing locations near you. Our certified SIVACON Technology Partners are also available to answer any questions about the high quality of our low-voltage switchboards and components.

SIVACON S8 and the SIVACON S8plus feature package – directly from our manufacturing plants

Siemens experts in all fields, from all around the world, work closely together to be able to offer a customized solution close to you, when you need it.

Our experts also offer you the SIVACON S8plus feature package, from which you can choose the right solution for your needs from among a wide range of functions:

  • SIMARIS control – The interface and monitoring system
  • Integration of communication-capable switching and measuring devices as well as sensors in SIMARIS control for recording data
  • Extended protection against internal arcing
  • Efficient and redundantly designed ventilation system
  • Compact withdrawable design
  • High-performance motor management system for the oil and gas market

Simply get in touch with your Siemens contact person.

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System-based power distribution

With the SIVACON S8 low-voltage switchboard, you’ll meet the requirements of a consistent energy distribution: safety, economic efficiency, flexibility. Benefit from a power distribution concept in which systems and components are optimally coordinated with each other.