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Explosion-protected SIMOTICS XP low-voltage motors

You are playing it even safer with SIMOTICS XP explosion-protected motors from Siemens. This is because our rugged explosion-protected motors operate for a very long time even under the most extreme conditions, and absolutely disturbance-free – for line as well as converter operation. These motors have proven themselves hundreds of thousands of times over worldwide. And not only that: Our range of explosion-protected motors is absolutely seamless – for all requirements with maximum safety and highest operational efficiency. We can offer drive solutions with double protection to address exceptional requirements. The result: A range of motors, which is second to none when it comes to scope and complying with requirements in the global market.

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SIMOTICS XP - details

Maximum safety, extremely rugged

The motors are certified for use in environments with ignitable gases and dusts. They are available in all of the usual types of protection.


For use in environments with explosiv

  • gases in types of protection "flameproof enclosure – Ex db", "increased safety – Ex eb" and "non-sparking – Ex ec"
  • dusts in types of protection Ex tb and Ex tc.

In addition, SIMOTICS XP motors set themselves apart as a result of their shorter project execution times, lower costs for planning, engineering and integration - up to service and stock inventory. All of these factors play a role in reducing lifecycle costs.

SIMOTICS XP was specifically developed for pumps, fans, compressors, extruders, separators and agitators in the process industry, for example, in the chemical/petrochemical industry, oil & gas, plastics, food and beverage as well as woodworking. These motors address a power range extending from 0.09 all the way up to 1000 kW and degrees of protection from IP 55 to IP 65; further, they are suitable for line operation (DOL) as well as converter operation (VSD).

SIMOTICS XP is also available in the sector-specific SIMOTICS XP Chemstar version. It is customized to address either the chemical industry or the oil and gas sector.

Rugged SIMOTICS XP motors with cast iron enclosure are especially suitable for drive applications in the process industry. On the other hand, SIMOTICS XP motors with aluminum enclosure are especially light, and are ideally suited for fan and compressor applications.

SIMOTICS XP - system overview

An overview of the technology

Our motors comply with the European Directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX): Explosion type of protection: dust explosion protection "t" (Ex tb IIIC, Ex tc IIIB). As an alternative to European guideline, certificates IECEx (Australia), EACEx (Eurasian) and CQST (China) are also available.
* Note: other degrees of protection are not allowed.

Recommended converters: SINAMICS G and S converter series.
Hazardous Zone
Type of protection
Ex db
Ex eb
Ex ec
Ex tb
Ex tc
Power range
0,25 – 460 kW
0,12 – 165 kW
0,09 – 1.000 kW
0,09 – 1.000 kW
0,09 – 1.000 kW
50/60 Hz: 230 – 690 V
Shaft height
71 – 355 mm
63 – 315 mm
63 – 450 mm
No. of poles
2 - 8
2 - 6
2 -8
Degrees of protection
IP55; IP56; IP65
motor efficiency class 
IE2; IE3; IE4 (nur 1MB5)
SIMOTICS XP - benefits and applications

The reliable way to maximum safety

You are certainly on the safe side with SIMOTICS XP explosion-protected motors. This is because these rugged explosion-protected motors operate for a very long time without any disturbance even under the most extreme conditions. This applies both to line as well as converter operation.
  • Chemical and petrochemical industries
  • Oil & gas industry with pumps, fans and compressors
  • Gas works
  • Wood and plastics processing industries
  • Agriculture
  • Food and beverage industry
  • HVAC systems
  • Mixer applications
  • Compressors
  • Extruders

The old and new premium standard

For decades now, the CHEMSTAR name represents the premium class of explosion-protected motors. As highlight of the new platform concept, SIMOTICS XP CHEMSTAR links the best of two worlds: All of the expertise of the traditional LOHER CHEMSTAR on one hand – and the global motor competence and performance of Siemens on the other hand.

SIMOTICS XP CHEMSTAR satisfies all requirements and operates with outstanding reliability whether in the chemical and petrochemical industry, whether oil & gas from upstream through midstream to downstream processes. These unique characteristics are now complemented by the leading edge platform-based advantages of the SIMOTICS XP generation of motors.


Profit from the following main advantages:

  • Preconfigured option packages for the chemical industry as well as oil & gas, for example sector-specific paint finishes with Category C4 corrosion protection, non-rusting steel screws and bolts and a sector-specific extended warranty period.
  • Freely selectable options such as reduced starting currents, motor monitoring, reinforced bearings, tropical climate variant for extremely humid environments, special paint finishes and an offshore C5M-M classification
  • Documentation that can be flexibly adapted to simple or very complex projects
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