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PSSC 525 - Fast Track Introduction to Steady State & Dynamics using PSS®E

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Fast Track Introduction to Steady State & Dynamics using PSS®E


Fast Track Introduction to Steady State and Dynamics using PSS®E is an intensive hands-on course for power system engineers interested in learning the basic functions of PSS®E Power Flow and Dynamics in a condensed format. This course will help users get started with power flow data entry, solution and report, and apply data-checking functions in PSS®E to identify power flow modeling issues. In addition, participants will understand how to set up a dynamic simulation database in PSS®E, perform simulations of different types of disturbances and produce plots of key variables for analyzing transient and dynamic stability behaviors of the power system. Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to immediately begin study work using PSS®E for steady state and dynamics analyses.


Course details:

• Learn the essentials of PSS®E Power Flow, including data categories, data entries and modifications, solution algorithms, and tabulated and graphical reports                                                                                       

• Become familiar with different components of the Graphical User Interface, including toolbars, network

tree diagrams, plots and report windows

• Employ data checking functions to identify suspicious modeling parameters

• Use program automation tools to facilitate calculation and reporting tasks

• Understand the basic procedures of automatic contingency analyses and transfer limit calculations

• Learn the steps in balanced switching calculations

• Explore fault analysis basics, including system modeling, setup and calculation options

• Understand the method used within PSS®E to perform dynamic simulation

• Learn how to prepare a dynamic simulation database, check data, perform simulations of system

disturbances, and plot results of key variables.



Participants must be employees of a company that is a current lessee of PSS®E. General knowledge of the power system, symmetrical component theory of poly-phase systems, fundamentals for modeling power plant equipment and network protection systems in the dynamic simulation timeframe is expected. 



5 days



To be announced



10 Participants



15 Participants



PHP 62,100 *per participant VAT insclusive

PHP 55,890 *per participant discounted if minimum of three (3) from the same company



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