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PSSC 550 - Dynamic Simulation Using PSS®E (PSSE DYNSI)

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Dynamic Simulation Using PSS®E (PSSE DYNSI)


An intensive hands-on course, PSS®E – Dynamics Simulation using PSS®E is designed to familiarize new users with the Dynamic Simulation features of the PSS®E program, and to explore how different types of disturbances can cause systems to behave in certain ways through analysis of system response outputs from PSS®E dynamic simulations.


Upon completion of this course, PSS®E users will be acquainted with the commonly used program functions in sufficient detail for them to begin study work involving dynamic simulations.


Course details:

• Understand the basic logic flow and setup of dynamic simulation

• Perform model data checking and editing

• Simulate the power system response to disturbances

• Plot results                                                                                                   

• Investigate simulation options available within PSS®E, e.g., scan for out-of-step conditions, buses outside voltage range, and set relative machine angles

• Append new models to an existing simulation setup

• Compile and create user DLL files

• Simulate the operation of relays

• Use standard models from the model library and/or user-written models

• Create and manage scenarios and event studies



Participants must be employees of a company that is a current lessee of PSS®E. Knowledge of the basic functions of PSS®E load flow is required. It is assumed that participants are familiar with the basics of generator, turbine, control and network protection models.



5 days



To be announced



10 Participants



15 Participants



PHP 62,100 *per participant VAT insclusive

PHP 55,890 *per participant discounted if minimum of three (3) from the same company



After a participant fills up the registration, a separate email will be sent to initiate the payment process.