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PSSC 710 - Advanced Power Flow using PSS®E (PSSE-ADVPF)

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Advanced Power Flow using PSS®E (PSSE-ADVPF)


Utility engineers who conduct studies with PSS®E must understand the fundamental concepts of power system behavior as well as know how to execute the many advanced routines within the program. This course is directed at the experienced PSS®E user who would like to increase his or her analytical skills in steady state applications.


Program users will be able to perform advanced steady state analyses with ease upon completion of the PSS®E – Advanced Power Flow Using PSS®E course.



Course details:

• Power flow and short circuit interface navigation

• Modeling two-winding and threewinding transformers for power flow and short circuit calculations

• Fault analysis applications, including ANSI and IEC calculation procedures

• Modeling of FACTS Devices, e.g., SVC, STATCOM and HVDC in steady state analyses

• Automating and customizing procedures using Response Files, IPLAN* and Python®*

• Performing DC/AC contingency analysis, network islanding and redispatch, multi-level contingency analysis, and contingency ranking

• Understanding the causes and event sequences of voltage collapse and the use of PV/QV analyses

• Using and understanding optimization methods, including Optimal Power Flow (OPF), Preventive Security Constrained OPF (PSCOPF) and N-1-1 analysis

• Performing probabilistic transmission reliability assessment

• Evaluating the reliability of a substation in terms of probabilistic indices.



Participants must be employees of a company that is a current lessee of PSS®E. They should either have setup and operating experience with power flow solutions or have completed the Introductory PSS®E Power Flow and Steady State Analysis course.



5 days



To be announced



10 Participants



15 Participants



PHP 79,550 *per participant VAT insclusive

PHP 71,595 *per participant discounted if minimum of three (3) from the same company



After a participant fills up the registration, a separate email will be sent to initiate the payment process.