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PSSC 715 - Advanced Dynamic Simulation for PSS®E - Online (PSSE-ADVDY)

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Advanced Dynamic Simulation for PSS®E - Online (PSSE-ADVDY)


Advanced Dynamic Simulation for PSS®E is a hands-on course designed for experienced engineers interested in learning advanced analysis of system stability and dynamics. Examples and exercises focus on dynamic modeling of components such as synchronous generators, excitation systems, prime movers, wind turbines, HVDC and FACTS devices, and loads.


Upon completion of this course, participants will have the knowledge and the ability to incorporate the advanced dynamic simulation capabilities of PSS®E into the analysis of their power system.



Course details:

• Refresh their knowledge of mathematical modeling tools (Laplace transform, transfer functions and block diagrams) and classical control techniques (transient and frequency response and numerical integration)

• Review power system dynamics

• Understand appropriate analytical software tools used for evaluating dynamic phenomena

• Understand the classifications of power system stability necessary to determine meaningful practical analysis

• Explore methods for solving stability problems

• Understand the process, setup procedures and classification of variables in dynamic simulation

• Perform data checking functions, including checking of excitation system and turbine governor model response

• Understand the basics of excitation system tuning

• Learn about dynamic modeling of power plant components, including synchronous machines, excitation systems, turbines and speed governors

• Learn how to simulate complex disturbances

• Use program automation to streamline the dynamic simulation

• Explore modeling of relays, HVDC systems, FACTS, loads and induction motors

• Study voltage collapse and dynamic voltage support and recovery

• Develop and incorporate user-written models into PSS®E

• Learn how to perform modal analysis using PSSPLT.                                    



Participants must be employees of a company that is a current lessee of PSS®E. They should have operating experience using the PSS®E power flow and dynamic simulation modules, or they should have completed both of the “PSSC 500 – Power Flow and Steady State Analysis using PSS®E” and “PSSC 550 – Dynamics Simulation using PSS®E” courses.



5 days



To be announced



10 Participants



15 Participants



PHP 79,550 *per participant VAT insclusive

PHP 71,595 *per participant discounted if minimum of three (3) from the same company



After a participant fills up the registration, a separate email will be sent to initiate the payment process.