Pump with digital layer of SIMOCODE pro

Protecting pumps in hazardous areas reliably against dry running

If flammable media are transported in hazardous areas, the centrifugal pumps used must be protected against dry running. They are therefore monitored conventionally with level sensors. These are, however, susceptible to faults and require intensive maintenance. With SIMOCODE pro, Siemens supplies an innovative monitoring technology that redefines dry-running protection in hazardous areas.
Technical specifications for SIMOCODE pro

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Dry-running protection with the SIMOCODE pro motor management system

Whereas conventional dry-running detection is performed by a dry-running sensor via the process control to the pump, SIMOCODE pro monitors the status of the pump via the active electrical power consumption of the pump motor. This eliminates the need to install additional monitoring devices or sensors to detect dry-running of the pump. The result: With the new technology you ensure reliable explosion protection in accordance with ATEX and IECEx criteria and save costs and time for commissioning and maintenance.

How does the active power based dry-running protection with SIMOCODE pro work?

The active power is detected via special current/voltage measuring modules which are certified for use as ignition source monitoring devices corresponding to a type b1 ignition protection system according to ATEX and IEC Ex. If the flow rate decreases, the active power consumption of the pump motor also decreases. If the active power, and thus the flow rate, falls below a minimum value, the pump is switched off automatically in good time to prevent impending dry running. A menu-guided teach-in procedure in the engineering software helps the user to set the limit values.