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Siemens is the leading manufacturer of electric drive technology. With SINAMICS frequency converter technology, you can address each and every drive application – whether low voltage, medium voltage or DC. You can operate synchronous motors as well as induction motors according to the characteristics of the machine you are driving. Our variable frequency drives, electric motors and control systems for the variable-speed control of machines are perfectly coordinated with one another and can be very simply integrated into your existing system and automation landscape. Our frequency converters with integrated safety technology can be centrally installed and commissioned in control cabinets, mounted on walls or decentrally in distributed topologies. We have the optimum energy-saving variable frequency drives for each and every application. Whether for pumping, ventilating, moving, positioning, processing or machining. SINAMICS – simply my drive!

Selecting, purchasing and configuring frequency converters and vfd drives

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Advantages of SINAMICS frequency converters and variable frequency drives

Efficient. Versatile. Fit for the future.

A whole raft of decisive advantages is obtained when operating any motor with a SINAMICS frequency converter:

  • Energy saving – the motor only supplies the power that the process requires at any point in time.
  • Changes to process parameters can be responded to significantly faster than with mechanical actuators.
  • After a short line supply failure, a motor controlled from a frequency converter can continue to operate – even without a torque surge.
    Result: process availability and product quality increase significantly Not only this, the complete mechanical system is protected against overload.

Function of variable frequency drives, their installation and commissioning

Drive technology trends

Drive technology is now going digital

Digitalization in drive technology is the ideal entry point for process and production industries. Leverage your drive data to achieve high availability and productivity and identify options for optimizing your process and production landscapes.

Solutions for frequency converter systems

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SINAMICS frequency converters in practice

SINAMICS is being successfully used in numerous projects. See application examples and industry-specific solutions that may also be of interest to you.

Configuring your Siemens frequency converter

Variable frequency drive configuration

Fast selection and simple configuration of motors with frequency converters for industry – including the associated components such as line filters, line reactors, braking resistors, sine-wave filters up to control systems, software licenses and connection systems.

Selecting, purchasing and configuring frequency converters and vfd drives

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