Grid control solutions with Spectrum Power

Decentralization and digitalization are enhancing and transforming the energy world faster than ever. Beyond traditional grid operation, Spectrum Power solutions actively help grid operators manage, orchestrate and optimize their transmission and distribution systems. Over 1,300 systems in operation keep the lights on for hundreds of millions of people around the globe.
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Spectrum Power, the open and scalable platform for high, medium and low-voltage grid operation

We build our Spectrum Power solutions on one real-time, high-performance technology platform, with one common user interface, one common network model and a powerful set of applications.


With Spectrum Power, you’ll gain the greatest possible return on investment through


Flexibility – easily adaptable to emerging and continually changing regulatory requirements through modularity and step-by-step extensions


Openness – to new Smart Grid business cases and to easy interoperability with any enterprise IT

  • Siemens Adapter Framework (SAF)
  • Proven SOA and web service capabilities
  • CIM (IEC 61968) compatibility


Efficiency – eliminate redundant data modeling and reduce data maintenance efforts through central data management based on CIM (IEC 61970). The automatic generation of network displays significantly minimizes the workload associated with manually building displays.


Cybersecurity – always up-to-date and in conformance with international IT security standards

Smart data management in intelligent grids


Are you facing the need to cost-effectively manage more and more data and exchange that data with growing numbers of other systems as a result of evolving business requirements? Are you looking for a proven, best-of-class engineering tool for efficient data modeling, maintenance and exchange?


Spectrum Power™ Information Model Management (IMM) is the answer for supporting grid operators in their efforts to manage power grids in an intelligent, safe and efficient manner – today and tomorrow.

  • High cost efficiency – As a central repository, IMM efficiently manages data compliant with the Common Information Model (CIM) IEC 61970 – eliminating redundant model and data maintenance efforts.
  • Optimized interoperability – Control systems based on CIM and its extensions in line with IEC 61968 (DMS) and IEC 62325 (energy market) provide optimal interoperability for any IT integration. The CIM-conformant database allows easy incorporation of future information and is highly effective in ensuring long-term system reliability.
  • Increased awareness – Time-based models reflect the evolutionary nature of work, providing access to the right data at any time. Retrieving a past model for any point in time enables accurate conclusions to be derived from post-mortem analyses.
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User Group Conferences

We encourage our customers to join one of our international Spectrum Power User Groups holding several conferences per year on different continents.


During these events, you’ll have an opportunity to discuss and share best practices, hear about the latest product developments and emerging industry trends, and network with an international audience of Spectrum Power users. These User Groups are an important forum for an open dialogue and exchange of experiences, ideas and suggestions for further improving our Spectrum Power applications.


COVID-19 impacts: In consideration of the recent health and safety concerns around COVID-19 and related travel restrictions, the next dates for the User Group conferences haven’t yet been set.

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Spectrum Power meets every demand

We offer solutions for transmission and distribution, for municipalities or multi-utilities and the industry, for energy generation, portfolio optimization, rail electrification, and market management. Whatever you need, Spectrum Power has the solution.

Transmission Management

Blackouts are a real threat

Siemens has compiled a solution-oriented, integrated portfolio for transmission grid operators. It comprises products and solutions for efficient and reliable power supply with a focus on long-distance transmission, the grid integration of renewables, and strengthened grid stability. 


Learn more about advanced transmission management

Advanced Distribution Management

More energy resources, more data, more intelligence

We enable you to master these challenges. Siemens has entered the next era of power control systems: the Spectrum Power™ Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS). It integrates distribution SCADA, outage management, and advanced fault and network analysis – all operated in a Common User Environment – to gain maximum benefit from smart meter information and the IoT.  You can benefit from this solid foundation for managing your distribution grid – today and tomorrow.


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Power Production and Trading

Maximize your profit

Optimize your portfolio and forecast your non-dispatchable resources. Bring them to the market and maximize your profit. Execute the market results at minimum costs.


Spectrum Power jROS is a suite of applications on one common platform. It includes various algorithms for mathematical optimization and forecasting. They are thoroughly proven and being used in various markets in Europe and throughout the world. A modern user-friendly UI supports easy usage and quick implementation.


The Spectrum Power jROS includes:

  • Spectrum Power jROS / EDM Energy Data Management is an integrated platform for exchanging and storing data.
    It includes interfaces to Spectrum Power SCADA and external systems as well as a calculation engine for performing spontaneous time-oriented and data point-oriented calculations of time series and values.
  • Spectrum Power jROS /RO Resource Optimization for month-ahead or year-ahead optimization of resources (water, fuel) and contracts (electricity, fuel) on bilateral and spot markets. To meet challenges presented by growing renewable power generation and market volatility, it can also be extended towards stochastic optimization.
  • Spectrum Power jROS / HTC Hydro Thermal Coordination for intra-day, day-ahead and week-ahead scheduling of hydrothermal (cogeneration) power generation systems. This includes the optimization of ancillary services.
  • Spectrum Power jROS / RESF Renewable Energy Source Forecast for day-ahead and week-ahead forecasting of renewable generation resources (wind or PV farms). Spectrum Power jROS / STLF Short Term Load Forecast for day-ahead and week-ahead forecasting of non-dispatchable loads (area loads or industrial loads).


Spectrum Power jROS can be implemented as a component of the Spectrum Power control system, enabling you to execute generation schedules through its SCADA and Automatic Generation Control (AGC) modules. 

Management of Electricity, Gas, Heating & Cooling, and Water Supply

Save costs with one system for all commodities

Municipalities and multi-utilities have to manage a growing number of uncertainties due to energy market liberalization and increasing pressure towards sustainability. Your value orientation as a company has to be aligned with environmental and climate protection. At the same time, you are under more pressure than ever to provide reliable and safe supplies of power, gas, heating, cooling, and water.

Spectrum Power supports multiple commodities with the most advanced planning and analysis tools, as well as the seamless integration of renewable energy. It offers numerous functions for all supply areas.

  • Reliable forecast plus after-the-fact applications for electricity, gas, water, and district heating
  • Water supply management to minimize operating costs and secure high quality
  • Load management of gas for optimal use of purchases, considering dispatchable reserves, loads, and own generation while securing uninterrupted supply
  • Multi-utility merging of existing control centers into one unified solution for multiple commodities
  • Fast fault location and service restoration to minimize outages and save costs 
  • VVC closed-loop network optimization to keep voltage & frequency within set limits

The benefits:

  • Higher planning reliability due to better predictability of the network, demand, and supply
  • Utilities empowered to efficiently deal with mergers and third-party services, as well as regulation requirements
  • Increased stability and quality of supply while minimizing operational and contractual costs

Rail Electrification

Power rail more efficiently

Whether mass transit or mainline, rail transport services worldwide have to optimize their business while at the same time deal with the challenge of ensuring smooth, reliable operation of traction power supply and station facilities. Spectrum Power™ ensures smooth, reliable and economic operation of your traction power supply. 

The Spectrum Power SCADA suite provides a reliable energy supply that meets the highest security, safety and quality standards. A comprehensive set of applications helps you continuously strengthen the power system against contingencies:

Spectrum Power 

  • increases the stability and quality of energy supply and provides maximum security, safety, and quality standards
  • includes intelligent interlocking and switching procedure management with process element disposal locking 
  • features network model & state estimator, closed-loop optimization of load distribution and reactive power flow, and helps rail operators prepare their systems to withstand contingencies 
  • assures minimized operational and contractual costs 

Energy Management for Industry & Infrastructure

Secure energy supply for maximum production output

Spectrum Power ensures reliable power supplies for airports, industrial estates, and industries such as mining, pulp & paper, oil & gas, chemicals and steel, guaranteeing maximum production output.

The fully integrated, consistent network control system

  • ensures practice-proven reliability, safety and openness for future developments
  • features standardized, robust, secure, easy-to use technology 
  • includes smart data engineering for reduced TCO 
  • allows existing energy contracts to be optimally exploited through switchable load and power generation 
  • reduces costs with secure integration of own renewable generation and energy storage
  • minimizes outages and saves costs with fast fault location and service restoration
  • includes standard interfaces such as OPC for complete access to the world of industrial automation

Energy Market Management

Find the right balance

Operating an energy market means balancing the complex interests of the public, the market participants, and the market operator:

  • Public interests include reliability of the electric energy supply and the macroeconomic demand for the lowest market-clearing price.
  • Market participants need to optimize investments, increase operational efficiency, and have timely access to highly accurate information.
  • Market operators need to be highly efficient in running complex operations, flexible in adjusting market rules, and proficient in coordinating grid security while providing highly available market operations.

With Spectrum Power Energy Market Management (EMM), Siemens helps market operators find the right balance. The system incorporates the latest market clearing technology in a set of modular, high-performance components and engines.

At the core of EMM is the Market Clearing Engine, based on the Security Constrained Unit Commitment software. Built-in flexibility enables the same market-clearing engine to be used in multiple structures such as a day-ahead or a real-time market. Both the operator and participants interact through the Market Participant Interface, a secure Web portal.

Although the components of Spectrum Power™ EMM are best deployed as an integrated solution, each can be individually applied to an existing market management system to preserve investments already made in your systems.

The benefits: 

  • Matches the needs of operators
  • A highly modular solution
  • Lower market prices
  • Optimized business processes
  • Increased grid reliability for LMP-based centralized markets
Working together for cybersecurity

Electricity is vital to our modern life – and cyberattacks on our energy infrastructure are a real threat.

Digitalization is changing our world. Modern societies depend on a set of critical infrastructures, and none is more crucial than our energy supply, which keeps all other elements running. Because cyberattacks have become more prevalent due to digitalization, cybersecurity training is becoming an essential part of securing and protecting assets. Locked Shields is the world’s largest and most complex international technical cyberdefense exercise. The cyberdefense drill is annually set up and organized by the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (NATO CCDCOE). More than 1,000 experts from nearly 30 nations were involved in Locked Shields 2019, practicing protection with 4,000 virtualized systems and more than 2,500 simulated attacks.


Watch the interview with Colonel Jaak Tarien, Director of NATO CCDCOE

As a leading company in cybersecurity, we at Siemens aim at continuously improving both the safety of our products and the quality of our consulting services for making our customers’ infrastructures even safer. Firsthand experience from the Locked Shields exercise gives us better insight on how to improve all levels of cybersecurity. Siemens Digital Grid participated successfully in this strategy game, which dealt with a simulated massive cyberattack on a power grid.  Siemens contributed to the exercise with Spectrum Power, the software platform for efficient and secure power grid operations, as well as the Remote Terminal Units SICAM A8000 commonly used in substations.


How can you ensure the best possible protection of your power supply infrastructure?


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Over 1,300 Spectrum Power systems in operation keep the lights on for hundreds of millions of people around the globe

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