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Siemens Learning Center was the first institute in Pakistan awarded Authorized Training Center Status by SAP Asia Pacific in 1999 to conduct SAP Training in the country. Since then the ATC has conducted numerous SAP Solution Academies and has played a vital role in producing highly-competent Certified SAP consultants. Siemens Learning Center, our dedicated and state-of-the-art training premises, offers coveted SAP Academy Programs. SAP is the leading vendor of Enterprise Resource Management solutions in the world. These training and certification programs follow an international curriculum to provide SAP partners, customers and individuals with the highest degree of SAP knowledge. From training individuals and project team members at the beginning of an implementation to end-users before final go-live and post implementation, SAP training courses are available for every stage of the implementation process at all levels.

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Siemens Pakistan has established a state-of-the art training facility with contemporary equipment and with it, the ability to train end-users as well as future consultants. As an alliance partner and hardware sponsor, the mission of Siemens Pakistan is to provide the highest quality SAP sales and consulting support in the country. The SAP Center of Expertise on our premises provides comprehensive SAP training, complete turnkey SAP implementations, assistance, reviews and upgrades in a variety of industries and markets. From pre-sales information and client-specific demos to actual sizing & installation the Siemens-ITS team comprises of professionals committed to project quality, budgets and deadlines.

SAP Education Portfolio

Our SAP Education Service Offerings

SAP Regular Academy offers individuals and independent consultants with comprehensive training in SAP Solutions that lead to certification as an SAP consultant. SAP Regular Academy is designed to complete the track in 20-25 working days. This course follows an international curriculum thereafter you will be eligible for a certification exam invigilated by SAP.


SAP Regular Academy includes:


  • Pre-requisite e-Learning courses
  • Certified Instructor
  • Access to IDES Server
  • Student handbooks

    Functional Modules


  • Financial Accounting
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Human Capital Management
  • Procurement
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Production Planning / Manufacturing

    Technical Modules


  • Programming / ABAP
  • Business Intelligence (25 Working Days)
  • System Administration (25 Working Days)
  • SAP Regular Courses

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    The usual Instructor-led Academies will now also be available in a self-paced-learning format and can be accessed through the Siemens Learning Center. The e-Academies are designed to improve the convenience and cost-effectiveness of SAP training for experienced consultants and professionals seeking a career change.

    The e-Academy is fully supported to ensure assistance for all units in the module. It provides interactive snapshots of business processes, along with simulations, exercises, mentor tips, pre and post evaluations. You can also seek expert know-how through dedicated online support available to students via web-based chat and global learner discussion boards. The e-Academy also prepares you for the certification exam.


    SAP e-Academy includes:


  • Pre-requisite e-Learning courses
  • Help desk support
  • Access to IDES Server
  • Student handbooks
  • SAP provides comprehensive classroom based training for its customers and business partners, from SAP solution introductions to technical business configurations. The vast curriculum of SAP courses incorporates courseware, business models, hands-on exercises and documentation. SAP has a huge portfolio of instructor-led courses which can be customized according to your needs and delivered onsite at your location or at any of our Training Centers. This course is aimed for Beginners, End Users and Project Team Members.




    This is a customized program for fresh graduates as well as seasoned professionals who want to have a competitive edge over their peers in the industry. Having knowledge of SAP in their artillery of “management tools” enables them to leverage on it in the job market.


    Project Team Members:


    Project team members should all go through ‘level one’ functional and/or technical training. The successful outcome of this training is baseline knowledge of SAP, particularly the integration points. This foundational training should put the project team on more equal SAP footing with the consultants from the implementation team.


    SAP End-User Training:


    SAP End-User training is designed for those who may find it difficult to work on the SAP designed solutions. This course will enhance their system usage skills thus resulting in better performance in their respective work fields. SAP End-User training is customized according to the user’s requirements i.e. job role.

    The SAP Learning Hub offers a compelling learning experience with access to a huge selection of online learning content and the advantages of a vibrant social learning community. Employees attend e-learning courses, study handbooks and supplemental content and complete exercises and assignments. They can even interact directly with subject-matter experts and other learners in our new online learning rooms.

    This software provides consultants with the latest learning content for implementing, supporting and working with SAP solutions. It offers on-demand and flexible learning options, such as self-study, physical or virtual workshops and one-on-one knowledge-exchange sessions. It helps to maximize billable days and keep training costs at a minimum.


  • Experience instant, 24x7 cloud access to the vast SAP learning knowledge-base and cut costs while eliminating training      hurdles and costs, such as course scheduling and travel. Improve user performance and the adoption of new SAP      innovation.
  • Improve learning by interacting with global experts and peers through our online SAP Learning Rooms.
  • Simplify your training landscape and enhance learning with access to SAP Live Access training systems.
  • Explore the additional features of our Enterprise & User Adoption Edition.
  • SAP Academy Schedule

    Our courses in detail

    Course Name
    SAP Financial Accouting
    Financial Accounting I
    10 days
    Financial Accounting II
    10 days
    SAP Managerial Accounting
    Managerial Accounting I
    10 days
    Managerial Accounting II
    10 days
    SAP Management / Administration – Human Resources
    Management / Administration I
    10 days
    Management / Administration II
    10 days
    SAP Procurement – Material Management
    Procurement I
    10 days
    Procurement II
    10 days
    SAP Order Fulfillment – Sales & Distribution
    Order Fulfillment I 
    10 days
    Order Fulfillment II
    10 days
    Programming – ABAP with SAP Netweaver 7.0
    ABAP  Basics
    10 days
    ABAP Objects and How to Use It
    10 days
    Business Intelligence with SAP Netweaver 7.0

    BW – Enterprise Data Warehousing

    5 days
    BW – Reporting & Query Design
    5 days

    BW – Advance Enterprise Data Warehousing & Reporting

    10 days
    BW – Integrated Planning
    5 days
    System Administration with SAP Netweaver 7.0
    SAP Web AS Implementation & Operation I
    10 days
    SAP Web AS Implementation & Operation II
    10 days
    SAP Net Weaver DB Option (ORACLE)
    5 days
    SAP SCM (Planning & Manufacturing) – Production Planning

    Planning/ Manufacturing I

    10 days

    Planning/Manufacturing II

    10 days
    Enterprise Asset Management-EAM – TPLM3E 
    Business Process in Plant Maintenance
    5 days
    Managing Technical Objects
    3 days
    Maintenance and Service Processing: Preventative
    3 days
    Maintenance Processing: Operational Functions
    3 days
    Analytics in Enterprise Asset Management
    2 days


  • SAP Academy Course offerings are subject to a minimum number of registrations.
  • SAP Training Center reserves the right to affect changes in scheduled dates.
  • Participants may register for only one track at a time
  • SAP Regular Academy

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    Course Name
    Course Code
    Financial Accounting
    200 hours
    Management Accounting
    200 hours
    Human Capital Management
    200 hours
    Sales & Distribution
    200 hours
    Material Management
    200 hours
    Production Planning
    200 hours
    Enterprise Asset Management
    200 hours
    200 hours
    SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse 7.0
    200 hours
    SAP for retail
    200 hours
    Implementation and Modelling with SAP S4 HANA
    120 hours
    SAP e-Academy SAP Planning and Consolidation 7.5
    200 hours
    SAP ERP Integration of Business Process
    200 hours

    Frequently Asked Questions about our courses

    Find here the answers to your questions.

    Q: What is the SAP Academy? Is it Instructor led training?
    Answer: The SAP Academy offers courses for SAP Certification. Once you register for a course at the Siemens Learning Center, you will go through an intensive training on the completion of which you will be eligible for SAP Certification. This training is instructor-led.



    Q: In which modules are you providing Instructor-led-training?
    Answer: Training is provided in the following modules.


    Functional Modules

            n SAP Financial Accounting

            n SAP Managerial Accounting

            n SAP Management / Administration (Human Resources)

            n SAP SCM - Order Fulfillment (formerly known as Sales & Distribution)

            n SAP SCM - Procurement (Materials Management) 

    Technical Modules – on SAP NetWeaver Platform

            n Programming / ABAP

            n System Administration

            n Business Intelligence - BIW



    Q: What is the length of each module? 
    Answer: The length of a functional module is 20 working days. Whereas, technical modules are 25 working days (except for ABAP Programming that is 20 working days). The completion of a functional/technical module is followed by a certification exam.



    Q: Do your instructors have SAP project implementation experience? 
    Answer: Siemens Learning Center has a team of professionally trained and certified senior consultants who impart training. Our instructors offer a dynamic combination of specific hands-on industry experience, technology expertise and strong project management skills. Most of our instructors have an average of 4 years of SAP experience and have been involved in various SAP full cycle implementations for different industries.



    Q: Do students get any guidance or help from the instructors while preparing for certification?
    Answer: Yes. Our experienced instructors will help you with all SAP certification details during the training period. Instructors are also accessible after the completion of the training for the students who need further assistance.



    Q: What are the class timings? Can I access the SAP IDES Server after class hours?

    Answer: Classes are from Mondays-Fridays at 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. To consolidate the information gained during class, we recommend that you sit after class hours and go over the lecture. We also recommend that you practice exercises on the IDES Server. For this purpose, the center is opened till 7:00 PM (Mon-Fri) and on Saturdays from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM.


    Q: What are the admission criteria? Is it necessary to have SAP exposure or can a fresh graduate apply for these courses?
    Answer: The eligibility criterion for any module is a Bachelors Degree with 2+ years work experience. It does not matter whether you have no prior SAP experience, these courses help develop your skills. The Academy delivers a hands-on classroom environment followed by intensive studies to discuss implementation requirements of SAP ERP Systems. Certification exams are available to prove your knowledge to the marketplace. 

    Q: I cannot decide which course is suitable for my career advancement. Can you please help me in this regard?
    Answer: The key is to select a training course that is well aligned with your professional qualification and experience. Adding new skills that logically enhances your core competencies is the right approach. Please contact us as shown on our website and we will be happy to counsel and assist you in planning your career. 

    Q: I am working full time. I cannot attend 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM class. Is there another delivery option suitable for me? 
    Answer: Coming soon - SAP eAcademy. To find out more about SAP eAcademy location, fee and course offering send us an email or contact us as shown on our website. We will be happy to provide the information upon request.

    Q: What is the course fee for each SAP module?
    Answer: Course fee varies depending on the module. To find out about course fee, please send us an email or contact us as shown on our website. We will be happy to provide the information upon request.



    Q: Do you provide discount for the course fees?
    Answer: Yes. We offer attractive discounts to Early Birds and groups. To find out about discounts, please send us an email or contact us as shown on our website.



    Q: What does the course fee include?
    Answer: We provide you with the (1) latest SAP study material. This material will include roadmaps to SAP certifications, professionally designed latest SAP courses by SAP AG (Germany). You will also get (2) SAP IDES Server access for hands-on practical experience, (3) e-learning access (4) lunch and refreshments.

    Q: How do I register for a module? 
    Answer: It is easy and quick. Fill out the registration form available on our website and send it to our office along with the course fees and two recent passport photographs.



    Q: What payment method is accepted for the course fees?
    Answer: Fees should be paid in equivalent Pakistani Rupees (on the open market rate for the day) via pay-order made out to "Siemens Pakistan Engineering Company Limited".



    Q: Can I register for more than one module at a time? 
    Answer: No, you can only register for one module during an academy.



    Q: I am enrolling from outside Pakistan? How can I pay my course fee? 
    Answer: Candidates enrolling from outside Pakistan should remit their course fee via telegraphic transfer payable to "Siemens Pakistan Engineering Company Limited". Telegraphic transfers should be made to:

    Deutsche Bank AG, ni Towers, I.I. Chundrigar Road, Karachi, Pakistan. 
    A/C No. 008268-00-0
    Branch Identification code (BIC): DEUTPKKA

    Q: Do you help in placement after the training is completed? 
    Answer: Yes, we assist deserving students for placement with our clients. Many companies and big consulting firms call us to inquire about fresh SAP talent and we refer our students to them. However, we do NOT guarantee any job placements.



    Q: How is the job market for SAP consultants in Pakistan? 
    Answer: Demand for SAP consultants in growing every year. We have already trained more than 500+ students in SAP technologies and most of them are working as SAP consultants in various projects and companies.

    Q: What are the benefits of certification as an SAP Consultant?
    Answer: As a certified SAP Consultant you will receive the following benefits:

    • Enhanced personal ‘value’ as perceived by SAP customers.
    • The opportunity to learn from the team of highly experienced trainers.
    • A highly successful, well-crafted, and intensive curriculum specifically designed for consultants.
    • Valuable hands-on experience and team-oriented problem solving workshop during the final week’s Accreditation.
    • Prestige of joining the select group of Certified SAP Consultants worldwide.
    • The opportunity to network with your peers from other consulting organizations and countries.
    • Access to SAP Marketplace Portal to learn more about SAP solution and share SAP customer experiences.



    Q: Can I appear for a certification only*? 
    Answer: Those who wish to appear for certification only must have an  (1) attendance certificate of any SAP Authorized Training Center to prove they have acquired relevant training along with a (2) unique SAP Participant Identification Number.  If not, 4-5 years of SAP hands-on experience is mandatory. You must provide a detailed resume along with a letter from your employer to furnish your experience in SAP. Your resume will be sent to SAP for approval. Ensure sufficient time for this process (at least 15-20 days before last date of registration). *Registration is at the sole discretion of Siemens.



    Q: I am already certified in an old version. Can I upgrade my certification to the latest version without attending the academy?

    Answer: Yes, you can upgrade your certification without having to attend the Academy. You will need to appear for the Delta Exam. Please send us an email and we will be happy to provide you further assistance in this regard.



    Q: What percentage do I need to clear a certification exam?

    Answer: The passing score is 70% (for all modules except SAP Procurement - Material Management). The passing score for SAP Procurement is 63%

    Q: How many training centers do you have in Pakistan? Can you give the addresses of your training facility?
    Answer:  We have state-of-art training facilities in Karachi & Islamabad. Siemens Learning Center is located near the city center, in order to facilitate the traveling and delivery of improved services to our training participants. We plan to start SAP Academies in Lahore and Peshawar, in the near future. Please feel free to visit our location during the weekdays (9 am – 5 pm) by calling our contact numbers.


    Siemens Learning Center
    Office Wing, 2nd Floor, Park Towers, Clifton, Karachi
    Phone: +92-21-35876386 / +92-21-35876391 


    Siemens Learning Center
    CTI Building, Industrial Area, Sector I-9/2,

    Islamabad 44000
    Phone: +92-51-4103468

    Q: Do you provide corporate training? 
    Answer: Yes, we do. Please contact our representative on the email address given below for a prompt response.



    Q: Do you provide custom training courses for corporate? 
    Answer: Yes. Siemens Learning Center can develop specific SAP training programs for large-scale rollout to your IT and management professionals, technical product group, or anyone in your organization who needs SAP training. We apply our proven course development process to your unique content, working with you every step of the way to create an effective curriculum that fulfills your requirements.



    Q: Can you provide training on-site training for corporate clients? 
    Answer: Yes. We can provide training at our facilities and at the corporate locations as well.