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SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking systems transmit and distribute electric power safely and reliably to the electrical loads in buildings and industrial plants. The “SIMARIS sketch” software tool enables you to plan and configure busbar trunking line routings efficiently, simply and quickly.

SIMARIS sketch: The tool for creating three-dimensional line routing plans – now available for free downloading.

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Whether for building infrastructure or industrial plants: Wherever power needs to be distributed to a large number of electrical loads, the SIVACON 8PS  busbar trunking system provides the innovative alternative to cables – efficiently, safely, and reliably. The software tool SIMARIS sketch simplifies the planning and configuration of busbar trunking line routings.

The AutoCAD-based planning tool with visually appealing 3D graphics

Planners, architects and electrical installers: They all face the challenge of laying busbar trunking systems through buildings in suitable line routings. This requires precise designing of systems with corresponding geometrical adaptation of the busbar routing. And that is exactly what SIMARIS sketch offers: an AutoCAD-based planning tool with visually appealing 3D representations. It enables the exact locations for connecting to the low-voltage power distribution system or the transformer to be planned, taking into account of course the local conditions and structures such as firewalls, along with any special requirements governing functional endurance in case of fire. 

Why SIMARIS sketch is ideal for planning your line routings

SIVACON 8PS: Use the power distribution system of the future

Conventional power distribution by cable can no longer meet today's needs. Cables demand a lot of space and pose high fire loads. And installing them is complex and expensive. SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking systems from Siemens are the innovative alternative to cables – and the future of power transmission and distribution. These systems stand for economical, safe, and reliable power supply, are easy to install, and save space. At the same time, they pose low fire loads and exhibit good electromagnetic compatibility. 

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SIVACON 8PS in practice: one system, many applications

Whether office building, exhibition hall, data center, workshop, hospital or wind turbine, whether for the food industry, oil and gas, automotive industry, chemical industry, or manufacturing: SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking systems are used everywhere where a reliable, safe, and economical power distribution system must be ensured. 

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