LISBON TECH HUB – 8 years of challenges

The world is constantly changing – and we are making an important contribution here from Portugal.

Lisbon Tech Hub, Siemens's Information Technology center in Portugal, was created in 2014. At the time, its target was to help people wanting to transform the future, and with the purpose of developing platforms to support Siemens's internal dynamics in the field of Information Technology (IT), used in all countries where the German multinational is operating. 


Siemens has been focused on a strategy of early identification of market trends and timely adaptation to change, to meet the requirements of the industry sectors or markets with the highest growth potential. This Hub arises in the context of this focus on the development of competence centers with high added value, to support the company's digitalization journey by way of services in diverse areas of technology such as artificial intelligence, big data, software development and testing, cloud, cybersecurity and IT infrastructure services. 


With just 40 employees at the start, Lisbon Tech Hub (LTH) now boasts more than 1300 specialists, developing new technological solutions with the purpose of meeting the challenges of today and tomorrow. 


Lisbon Tech Hub, although based in Lisbon, works for the entire Siemens universe. The solutions developed here have global impact, and the professionals who work here seek to provide answers with added value every day.




To mark the anniversary of this center, which has grown so much over the years, both in number of employees and services provided, we spoke with Patrícia Alves, Head of the Digital Industries Expert Hub of Lisbon Tech Hub, who left Switzerland and returned to Portugal to join Lisbon Tech Hub when it was founded.

What has been your trajectory at Siemens and at LTH?

I started working at Siemens in March 2014 as Manager of the Software Testing team and, after 6 years, I was appointed Head of the Digital Industries Expert Hub in Portugal.

What made you choose to embrace this challenge 8 years ago? What made you trade Switzerland for Portugal?

The challenge was interesting and irresistible – starting a team from scratch, with a new project, and in a big company like Siemens. When the opportunity arose, the choice was easy, not just because the project was fascinating, but because it also allowed me to return to my country under excellent conditions.

What has been your role in the development of this center?

I'm part of the management team of Lisbon Tech Hub and I'm an active member in the development of several initiatives of the center, namely in areas related to employees, with whom I identify, being fully committed to providing our people with the very best.

We are aware that IT talents are being head-hunted. How did Siemens manage to keep being an attractive employer over the years?

We have kept our ear to the ground, both with regard to our people and the market, and have tried, whenever possible, to be preemptive. The home office, for example, was a reality long before the pandemic, and is considered an asset by our employees.

Did you know...

Being able to work remotely has been a reality at Siemens Portugal since 2016. Since then, employees have been able to work from home up to two days a week. 


At this moment, it is possible to work remotely without any predefined limit, as long as it is coordinated with the manager/team.  


The keyword here is flexibility.

What advice would you give to those thinking of returning to Portugal?

Make a proper analysis of the proposals you receive and always focus on your future and not only on the short term.

And for those just starting a career in IT?

IT offers hugely diverse opportunities, for the present and the future.

Invest in yourself, accept challenges every day, fail, learn and move on, because that is what makes you grow and enhances your standing. Don't be scared! Think carefully about the path you want to take, focus and move forward."

How do you see the role of women in IT?

I think this question is increasingly meaningless these days. We are all professionals, there is no longer a gender in the profession, we are all equal, therefore, we are all seen in the same way. It is true that in certain areas we are still fewer in numbers, but that is due to trends and preferences. At the end of the day, the challenge should go to the ones with the most suitable profile for the opportunity in question.

What is missing for this area to have higher female representation?

I think the balance will happen naturally over time, because it is an area with an increasingly promising future.

Where do you see yourself 8 years from now?

Right here, talking to you about preparing the mega celebration of 16 years of Lisbon Tech Hub 😊

Patrícia Alves also told us that what made her stay at Siemens were, above all, the working conditions and company culture. This is one of the most highlighted points  by employees when asked about what they value most, and is one of the factors that keeps the company competitive and attractive in the labor market. We know that it is not enough to pay well. We need you to also feel good – and the well-being of our employees is something we take very seriously. Find out more about the benefits that our employees enjoy at Lisbon Tech Hub, Here.