Digital Industries Adapting to the new conditions- information on COVID-19 for our customers and partners

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Digitalization and automation are now more urgent and important than ever for industry. Only with them can industrial companies achieve the necessary flexibility to adapt to the new conditions and to current and future challenges. Our Digital Enterprise portfolio offers exactly the right solutions to combine the virtual and the real world.

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Digital and automated solutions will help ensure that companies can respond more flexibly and faster to crisis situations and changing market demands.
Klaus Helmrich - Member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG and CEO Digital Industries

LinkedIn article from Klaus Helmrich

Read the full article on LinkedIn: Corona is changing the industrial world – how digitalization and automation are helping make production future-proof

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Our solutions for your challenges

In these unprecendented times, innovative solutions and methods of work are of more importance than ever – be it in developing a new product or in ensuring quality standards through industrial AI, be it in virtually commissioning a machine or in optimizing the intralogistics of your production site or warehouse. Or maybe you find it’s now time to start your digitalization journey.


Whatever you need to tackle current challenges or to strengthen your business in the long run, take a look at these solutions:

The cloud as a solution in difficult times

Continuing to work on machines and promote development despite being in the home office? This is possible with engineering and simulation software in the cloud.

Virtual Commissioning Services helps to get started with virtual commissioning through a combination of consulting, training and implementation. Engineering, commissioning efforts and risks can be reduced.

How does it work?

Siemens experts are able to structure, implement and service digital twins of your machines and production lines.
Virtual Commissioning Services is always a combination of different technical topics to operate virtually a machine or line. The offering covers the area of low to high standard complexity of the simulated object.

Tecnomatix Plant Simulation

Plant Simulation allows you to model, simulate and optimize production and logistics systems and their processes. These models enable analysis of material flow, resource utilization and logistics in order to detect bottlenecks and ensure efficient processes.


How does it work?

Simulation of entire production lines

Validation of adoptions of existing processes by using Plant Simulation models to find an efficient and solid concept for supplying the equipment

Use of simulation results to improve processes: Optimization by adopting parameters.

SIMATIC app trial package

Monitor the maintenance and condition of your machines and track the performance of your machine fleet for more efficient planning and implementation of your machine service.


Get started with SIMATIC MindSphere apps to unveil the power of your production.

Track and optimize the productivity, energy consumption and maintenance needs of your machines and sites worldwide.


Additive Manufacturing can make a significant contribution to meeting requirements where classic manufacturing reaches its limits of technical or economical feasibility 

How to get started?

Siemens opens its Additive Manufacturing Network to enable the efficient execution of design and printing requests. The network enables suppliers of 3D printed parts to gain access to new markets. From a buyer perspective you get access to a supplier network for all tasks regarding additive manufacturing from the printing itself, engineering or post processes


Quickly prototype, develop, operate and scale process specific applications for web, mobile and offline environments with the open and future-proof Mendix architecture. 

How does it work?

Mendix enables organizations to build digital applications in unprecedented speed, enabling domain experts without coding experience to join in the development process. 

With the integrated development operations approach, your IT always has control over the entire software life cycle - regardless of whether you develop and operate Mendix applications in the cloud or in your company network.

MindSphere enables you to connect your critical factory assets to gain operational transparency and execute predictive maintenance across products, plants, systems and machines.

How does it work?

Siemens experts enable you to combine your domain expertise with MindSphere’s IoT Building Blocks and data science to deliver an E2E experience for service.

You don´t have access to your plant and need to work remotely?

Reliable networks, industrial security and tools for monitoring and global collaboration ensure a secure remote access and remote services

You face an unexpected increasing demand? 

Make your plant more flexible and use tools to save time

Your plant is shut down?

This is the time to check your plant and implement cost saving measures.

Gain productivity with higher data transparency and more integrated systems and solutions

Siemens Digital Industries helping our customers during COVID-19

Industry Services Support Hotline

Our service experts are available 24/7 to support your requests:


Germany: +49 911 895 7222


US: +1 800 333 7421


China: +86 400 810 4288 

Trainings - Preparing for the future

Make the most of this time to get yourself, your staff and your operations ready to go when demand increases.


SITRAIN access – the digital learning platform: The extensive and constantly growing range of learning content on numerous industry topics is provided to you using innovative, multimedia learning methods. Learning progress controls and a lively community ensure a continuous and sustainable learning success.


Start with SITRAIN access now at the SITRAIN access website

Digital Industries Software

Detailed information on the Siemens Digital Industries Software Response to COVID-19 can be found here



Information about our business continuity measures

Siemens has set up a Corporate Crisis Team consisting of representatives of the relevant corporate functions and representatives of Siemens Operating Companies, Strategic Companies, and our country organizations. It is continuously monitoring and evaluating the changing situation and subsequently developing measures and providing guidance to protect the health of our customers, employees and suppliers.


EHS Management teams in the countries also provide guidance on a local level based on the respective authorities’ as well as World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations.


In addition, we have a Business Continuity Plan for the Siemens Digital Industries (DI), Smart Infrastructure (SI) and Portfolio Companies (POC) in place which ensures both, DI, SI and POC and your business continuity, as far as possible under the current circumstances. In this context, specific measures have also been defined to protect key business-critical functions such as service.


Amongst several other topics addressed in the Business Continuity Plan our focus is on the supply chain management process:


  • We have contingency plans in place for the management of the Siemens manufacturing facilities. 
  • 3rd Parties (products and services): there is a process in place (risk rating of suppliers and their criticality) which is managed by our supply chain teams. It is important to bear in mind that this is a well-established approach for us, as some of our suppliers are based in countries where similar risks are always present (e.g. earthquake, Tsunami etc.). Due to the Siemens Global Footprint we are able to react and to limit interruption of projects in execution.




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