"The future is electric, and the future is now."

The Living Lab at the Siemens plant in Corroios, entirely dedicated to electric mobility, is now ready to welcome customers and partners.
Research and development for the e-mobility sector

Ready for your visit

The Living Lab in Corroios is ready to welcome visitors. This infrastructure, entirely dedicated to e-mobility, is now available for customers and partners to run tests and proofs of concept for the EV chargers being manufactured at the Siemens plant in Portugal – namely, the SICHARGE UC series. The Living Lab is also supporting the research and development activities of the team located there, which is responsible for developing this range of equipment, already in use all around the world.


It is enormously advantageous for Siemens to have the research and development team working side-by-side with production. In addition to accelerating the development of new equipment, we are able to ensure that such equipment features the technology and functionality that both customers and market value most." 
Fernando Silva, head of Smart Infrastructure at Siemens Portugal

Equipped with an e-bus, recently converted and modernized, and a bus simulator, the Living Lab also features a control room, an area dedicated to Depot Charging, i.e. charging electric vehicles in terminals or depots, and an area dedicated to Opportunity Charging, where charging is simulated during the periods buses wait at the stops while passengers get on and off.

Ecosystem for electric mobility in Portugal

Siemens has created an ecosystem for electric mobility in Portugal that combines production capacity, ensured by Corroios Plant, research and development, and a competence center for sales, engineering, project management and servicing, which has long earned worldwide recognition within the company.

This ecosystem enables us to support the country in its reindustrialization process for important areas such as energy transition, digital transformation and circular economy",
added Fernando Silva

The Living Lab is part of this ecosystem and, while supporting the development of charging solutions that will be implemented worldwide, it will also facilitate factory testing. Corroios Plant has already produced electric chargers for 13 countries on four continents.