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Where do you start? What’s the best way to do it? Does anyone know all that and can help? Siemens has turned the digital enterprise into a management issue and has quite something to offer.

With our extensive digitalization expertise combined with comprehensive industry knowledge, our experts support you on your journey to become a digital enterprise. Enabling future proofed product and production development – quick, efficient and holistic. Benefit from the knowledge built up by our experts and start the digitalization of your company, step by step.

Step by step

Three steps to the digital enterprise

Every company is individual and has its own particular features in terms of its level of digitalization, requirements, and opportunities. There are three possible steps to ensure the optimal digital transformation.

The three stages of consulting, implementation, and optimization are based on our end-to-end approach, in which we are there to support you from the start of your digitalization project through to the stage of continuous improvement. We work with you to develop the best possible approach and coordinate the solution with your company’s specific needs.


Services from Siemens are available to support the digital transformation, from consulting to optimization. We are there to help our customers on their path to digitalization, from strategic consulting for industrial digitalization to consulting on solutions to improve KPIs. Underpinning the consulting process is a thorough analysis of how ready your company is for digitalization, which our digitalization experts perform together with you. We work together to establish the level of digitalization for each company and use the result to develop a digitalization strategy and roadmap specially tailored to your needs.

Get to know the three steps in detail

Consulting is the start of your digital transformation

“We work with you to analyze your company’s existing level of digitalization. On that basis, we then develop a digitalization strategy together, and draw up a roadmap for implementation.”


Your Siemens expert Jan Niestrath

Consulting on constructing a new production line

The construction of a new SMT production line with especially high performance and top quality provides an example of consulting in action. Customer specifications are used to determine the best possible solution, and this is then coordinated with the customer. Improving protection for the production plant is an additional requirement. First comes a thorough assessment, and then the actions needed to ensure end-to-end monitoring are determined.

We take care of installing the hardware and software

“The digitalization roadmap forms the basis for the digital twins of your machines, plant, production and products. As a result, you benefit from shorter times to market, greater efficiency and flexibility, and higher quality.”


Your Siemens expert David Ardiles

Simulation and testing using the digital twin

The implementation stage starts with creating a digital twin of the new production plant, to enable it to be simulated and tested. It may become clear at this point, for example, that the desired throughput will be impossible using the selected machine modules. Simulation can make bottlenecks visible and identify alternative solutions. The safety measures are implemented at the same time.

Ongoing optimization is the key to success

"Regardless of whether you want to optimize individual processes or the effectiveness of the entire plant, we ensure the necessary connectivity from field to cloud and help you evaluate the results of the analysis. We can also use future-oriented technologies like artificial intelligence to help you identify events before they happen.”


Your Siemens expert Sarina Hille

Continuous optimization through data analysis

The open, cloud-based IoT operating system MindSphere is used for optimization. Machine data is recorded, worked up and analyzed using edge computing, so it can be utilized in the detection of anomalies. Artificial intelligence analyzes the data using machine learning to recognize when tools have become so worn that they are at risk of failing, for example. 

A further algorithm can be used to make product quality predictions. The algorithm is constantly trained to improve its recognition ability, which will greatly reduce the number of quality tests required.

Artificial intelligence based services

Predictive maintenance thanks to services experts and artificial intelligence

Take a look into the future and get the most out of your machine data. Identify when maintenance is required in good time with the help of artificial intelligence. The modular Predictive Services for acquiring, analyzing, and evaluation machine data conform to the consulting, implementation, and optimization approach to digitalization.

Closed Loop Analytics – Ongoing optimization is the key to success

Our mission is to increase overall plant availability in our customers' factories through the use of data analytics and artificial intelligence. We achieve this, by identifying as well as verifying the most relevant use case together with customer and the implementation, operation and optimization of the artificial intelligence module with the Managed Service.


No matter if you want to optimize a specific production process step or improve your entire production, you’ll require transparency about the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). With consistent connectivity from the field to the cloud and sophisticated algorithms, our solutions help you to transform data into valuable insights in order to make the right decisions for continuous optimization. Integrating cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence even enables predictive services that identify failures autonomously before they occur.

Industry Services in the digital twin

Added value along the value chain

Only through continuous improvement you can achieve the best possible result. Services for the Digital Enterprise leverage the added value in every phase in the digital twin. This creates a complete picture and closes the loop. And this holistic approach is only possible with Siemens.

Use cases for digital enterprises

Faster and risk-free time-to-market for your machines

You can reduce your time-to-market using SINUMERIK Virtual Commissioning Services. The requirements specific to the project are first analyzed, and then the virtual commissioning process is prepared and implemented. Simulations enable any errors to be detected and rectified at an early stage. Employee training ensures that the mechanical engineers can perform the virtual commissioning on their own in the future.

Shifting non-productive machine time to the digital twin

Running in new programs means non-productive machine time – but that time can now be passed on to the digital twin instead. To make this possible for your production system, we use NX Virtual Machine Tool Services with assistance from the NX Software Suite to create an exact virtual representation of each of your machines. Our experts help you at every stage of the lifecycle of the digital twin, from installation of the necessary software to training your employees and data maintenance.

Lasting improvement to Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Transparency across all your assets provides the basis for an effective maintenance strategy. We help you by analyzing your production and work with you to determine which data and connectivities are needed. Data modeling and allocation of the machines to the MindSphere application OEE Monitor then proceed on that basis. Our experts perform a trend analysis, which they use to derive clear recommendations for you.

Avoid unplanned downtimes

Because downtimes affecting presses in the automobile industry incur huge costs, it’s vitally important for the automakers to understand what causes downtimes, and to detect impending downtimes as early as possible. We help by providing a monitoring system for the press drive systems. Recording and analysis of data on aspects like vibration can identify anomalies that point to impending problems. Our experts take charge of installing the necessary hardware, then configure the software, and help you evaluate the results.

Targeted optimization of plant maintenance

It’s a difficult task to ensure the best possible maintenance for large, distributed plant in the process industry, for process control systems in particular. The cloud-based Lifecycle Management Suite greatly simplifies the planning and performance of maintenance tasks. As a result, you can optimize your asset utilization and plant availability. We help you implement the necessary connectivity and a preconfigured, executable solution, so you can benefit as soon as possible from the advantages offered by the Lifecycle Management Suite.

Become an expert yourself to get the most out of digitalization

The fusion of the real and digital world opens up countless possibilities. But knowing how to use these requires special skills and knowledge. Whether it is understanding the overarching technical principles of digitalization, such as standardization, security, and OPC UA, or increasing efficiency through automatic generation of engineering tasks and virtual commissioning. We take you by the hand and provide you with the knowledge you need – in one of our SITRAIN training centers or at your site.


Services for the Digital Enterprise in practice

Discover our Services for the Digital Enterprise in practical application and learn how they can create tangible added value.

Construction of a new, highly efficient production line at the Siemens electronics plant in Amberg

The electronics plant in Amberg has been producing the Siemens SIMATIC controllers since 1989. This highly automated plant had to be expanded to include a new and particularly efficient production line, in addition to optimizing an existing line and increasing productivity. The first step in the project was to perform a thorough analysis of the actual situation and compare the results against the plant’s requirements. The digital twin of the new line was used to simulate the production process and identify problem areas that would have made it difficult to achieve the target throughput. 

Analyzing the machine data in MindSphere with Closed Loop Analytics Services made it possible to develop an algorithm for the existing line to establish scheduled maintenance times and prevent outages. To optimize throughput, a predictive model was developed that is capable of reducing the number of PCBs that have to undergo time-consuming testing.

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