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We want to hear you, to know your ideas and thoughts, but not only... We want to have fun and to break the standards with you. IT in Portugal The daily business our IT team, from the Global Center based in Portugal, has no borders. It demands creativity and passion; we are proud to say that our path is being traced in 200 countries (and counting!) by the ideas of our teams. You can find out more about Siemens' business challenges by solving our programming challenges during the 48h competition, and directly with our team guys at the main stage. Looking forward to meet you there! VIPixels play harder at Pixels Camp:
What Siemens has to do with Pixels, after all?

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When you think about Siemens you think about mobile phones? Home appliances? That's not us anymore... meet us like you've never heard of us before.   Reinventing the way the world works We build extensive IT security systems, create plans for using cloud technologies and build industrial data analytics platforms that everyone at Siemens use worldwide.     Siemens Portugal is a global center of expertise in the IT field - Our daily responsibility is to make our ideas work, to create and get better, always. At the moment, we have more than 200 of Siemens' smartest minds making real what matters, everyday.   Our teams change the world, think big and create even bigger.