Our history in Portugal

From the first business contacts to a global technology powerhouse

Milestones of business development


Siemens Portugal Group now has more than 3,000 employees and keeps adding talent to the team, thereby reflecting the growth of activities in the domestic market, but above all in exports.


Siemens won the tender for the energy storage and microgrid management project for Terceira, Azores islands, launched by Electricidade dos Açores.


Implementation of a centralized technical management, fire alarm, security and surveillance platform for the new Botton – Champalimaud Pancreatic Cancer Center. 



Inauguration of i-Experience Center 4.0 and Solutions & Service Center at Siemens' facilities in Porto to promote the development of new solutions and technologies for the industry and building sector.



Supply and commissioning of drive, control, monitoring and communication systems for the first tissue paper production unit of The Navigator Company, which is a major player in the international pulp and paper market.



Participation in the Data Center of REN – Redes Energéticas Nacionais, located in Riba de Ave, supplying technology for switching and transformer substation, as well as LV and MV switchgear, Centralized Technical Management system, among others. 



Development of the energy storage InovGrid Project in Évora, in partnership with EDP Distribuição, operator of the energy distribution grid.



Completion of the world's largest reversible hydropower plant – Frades II – located in northern Portugal.

Intervention in the Port of Sines, national leader in moving cargo, using solutions from the Cranes Engineering Hub, a Competence Center of Siemens Portugal.



Supply of the power grid, automation, signaling and telecommunication systems for the railway of the Nacala Corridor project in Mozambique, one of the largest rail freight lines in East Africa.



Siemens has a total of 12 Competence Centers dedicated to the energy, infrastructure and healthcare sectors and to shared services (human resources, procurement, financing, etc.).



Siemens, together with Voith Hydro, wins an order to deliver the complete electro-mechanical equipment for the Venda Nova III hydro power plant in the Northwest of Portugal.


As part of the Portuguese program to promote electromobility (MOBI.E), Siemens receives major order from INTELLI for 100 charging points.



Siemens forms joint venture with maintenance company EMEF, a subsidiary of Portugal’s national railway company, for the maintenance of Siemens locomotives in Portugal.


Temporary terminal solution “Capacity Plus” is installed at the Lisbon Airport in the record time of four months.



Portuguese state railway Comboios de Portugal (CP) awards contract to Siemens to deliver 15 electric locomotives.



Siemens is named main supplier for the UMTS network of TMN, the Portuguese mobile network operator TMN.


Portugal’s first combined cycle power plant, Tapada do Outeiro, is commissioned.



Siemens delivers 42 electric multiple units to the Portuguese national railway.



A new administrative office is set up outside of Lisbon.



All Siemens activities in Portugal are combined and the Regional Company renamed Siemens SARL.



A manufacturing facility for communications equipment is constructed in Evora.



The Osram production facility is spun off from ENAE and renamed MOTRA Equipamentos Eléctricos.



SSW and Osram acquire ENAE factory for producing transformers, motors and light sources.



Siemens is involved in the installation of an electrical system for the Portuguese railway.


A diesel power plant built by Siemens and operated by Companhia Uniao Fabril of Lisbon goes into operation.



An order is received for a long-distance telephone exchange in Lisbon.


SCE is reorganized as a stock corporation.


Siemens Companhia de Electricidade Lda. (SCE) is founded in Lisbon to represent Siemens-Schuckertwerke (SSW).



The Portuguese Siemens-Schuckertwerke Elektrizitäts-Gesellschaft mbH is founded in Berlin, with a regional office in Lisbon.



Siemens and Halske (S&H) opens a Technical Bureau for Spain and Portugal in Madrid.


First business contacts in Portugal.