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The perfect technology for perfect furniture

If your customers need woodworking machinery for top-notch quality, then you can rely on SIRIUS switching devices.
Industrial controls

Reliable machines require reliable industrial controls

Woodworking machines should pack a wide variety of functions into the smallest possible space. That’s why we have developed SIRIUS switching devices to be space-saving and high-performing. And, reliable machines require reliable controls that are robust and time-tested over decades, easy to install and flexible. The result: woodworking machines for the highest quality in furniture manufacturing.

Do you export your machines worldwide? No problem

With SIRIUS switching devices, you are relying on the best technology on the market and you are laying the foundation for going international with your business. Because SIRIUS switching devices are certified in accordance with the relevant international standards. Therefore, you can use them anywhere in the world without any extra effort or costs and every market will be open to your woodworking machines. Of course, you will be provided with service and support by the Siemens global service organization as needed. Learn more.

We rely fully on the compact SIRIUS 3RV29 infeed system with spring-loaded terminals because it saves us space and time. This allows us to flexibly pack maximum performance into the smallest of spaces. Thanks to modular components, we can also reduce the number of cables and consequently reduce wiring errors.
Raniero Silvestrini, Project Manager Automation, Biesse Group

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