Elegant push buttons and indicator lights for extreme conditions

When machines or systems are operated outdoors, they are inevitably exposed to the elements. This means that only especially rugged operator controls are good enough. If you don't want to make any compromises where visuals are concerned, the SIRIUS ACT series fits the picture.
Technical specifications for SIRIUS ACT

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Leitner ropeways liked the cool design of the SIRIUS ACT push buttons and indicator lights - and the fact that they can be used in snow and ice

Leitner, with its characteristic state-of-the art ropeways, is one of the global leaders in its field. Right from the development stage of its innovative LeitControl operating and monitoring system, the engineers at Leitner worked closely together with the Italian design studio Pininfarina. Together, they opted for the command and signaling devices from SIRIUS ACT for the control panel fronts as well as in the control stations and outside areas. Not only were they impressed by the modern look – the high IP69K degree of protection also makes the devices predestined for use in Leitner's ropeways.
Since they are installed in freezing conditions at elevations up to 4 000 meters, these devices must also function reliably in snow and ice. SIRIUS ACT was able to deliver the quality we were looking for. The design is the best currently available on the market.
Günter Tschinkel, Head of Electrical Engineering at Leitner ropeways

What makes the SIRIUS ACT push buttons and indicator lights so ideal for use in extreme conditions?

Firstly, SIRIUS ACT devices have a very high degree of resistance to water and temperature fluctuations thanks to the integrated IP69K degree of protection. But the series is also resilient in other ways. For example, the innovative snap-on concept with its twist prevention feature ensures that elements stay fixed in their positions, simplifying installation. The series is available in four different design lines, in plastic and metal versions, including matte and shiny.
The new push buttons are much easier to install than the old ones.
Günter Tschinkel, Head of Electrical Engineering at Leitner ropeways