The "Branddirektor Westphal" sets high standards

The switchgear on ships is often exposed to adverse conditions and must comply to stringent requirements. Fire Fighting Systems (FFS) is the world's largest supplier of marine fire-fighting technology. The company's fire-fighting systems rely on SIRIUS industrial controls.

Powerful motor starters and diagnostics systems deployed on ships

Hamburg's new fire-fighting ship

The "Branddirekor Westphal" is a fire-fighting ship owned by the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA). It is the most modern and to date the largest fire-fighting ship deployed in Europe. Hamburg's Chief Fire Officer, Johannes Westphal, lent his name to the ship.


Technical data:

  • 44 meters long and 10 meters wide
  • 3 monitors that can spray water up to 180 meters wide and 110 meters high. Up to 120,000 liters of fire-extinguishing water are delivered per minute.

High standards for starting motors

When it came time to choose the technical components, FFS chose the SIMATIC ET 200SP motor starters. The motor starters align the monitors and meet the needs for this high-performance ship.




- Marine certification 

- Space savings on board with a narrow width of only 30 mm

- Fast configuration in the TIA Portal

- Extensive diagnostic messaging helps increase availability

- Quick replacement of starters during operation provides continuous & smoothe readiness of the ship








I love the new SIRIUS hybrid switching technology. It's really perfect. Because the devices are small, user-friendly and have many features.
Atle Vogl, Group Manager of Automation Design, Fire Fighting Systems

Features that inspire

In the past, we could only accommodate the control system for two monitors in a control panel of this size. Now we can control three monitors with only one panel of this size.


At FFS we can see further benefits from the hot swapping function. It's possible to just replace one motor starter and the system automatically updates itself. As users, you only get one warning displayed immediately on screen, while the entire system remains operational.


The really good diagnostic view of all the components and systems installed on the ship is also excellent. As everything is integrated into the TIA Portal, it is quite easy for us automation designers to configure the Siemens panels.


"Atle Vogel, Group Manager of Automation Design"


Discover the highlights of the SIMATIC ET 200SP motor starter

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