Avoiding failures due to load fluctuations

SIRIUS soft starters make it easier to start conveyor systems. Loads fluctuate when bulk solids are being conveyed or processed. These fluctuations might be caused by a change in the angle of the conveyor belt, which influences the parameters. If the parameters that you have selected for subsequent motor starts do no match the altered load, you can damage the machine or get an aborted start.
Technical specifications for 3RW55 soft starters

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Automatic adjustment of the starting parameters with the SIRIUS 3RW55 soft starter

To ensure a smooth start and prevent potential damage, the starting parameters need to be checked and adjusted before every start. This task can either be performed manually or using various partially-automated measuring instruments. The automatic parameterization feature of the Sirius 3RW55 soft starter achieves this and saves a lot of time.

So how does automatic parameterization on the SIRIUS 3RW55 work?

Every time the equipment starts, the 3RW55 optimizes the starting parameters and after just a few starts derives the optimum parameters for the application at hand. These parameters are stored or continue to be adapted to the altered situation every time the equipment is started. This automatic optimization provides fewer failures when loads fluctuate so that conveyor systems can be operated more efficiently and economically. The SIRIUS 3RW55 is really easy to commission. It already has several predefined example applications in which the set startup time and an optional current limit are stored. When given with the rated motor current, the soft starter automatically determines the optimum way to start the motor and gradually adapts it to the actual application.

Simple commissioning in five steps:

  1. Activate the automatic parameterization
  2. Set the rated motor rated current
  3. Select the application
  4. Start the system
  5. Automatic reparameterization as the load changes
Choosing the right soft starter for your plant

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