Stopping pumps without water hammer

Switching off pumps that convey large volumes of water is a particular challenge. The pump stops immediately, causing the water in the pipes to also stop immediately. The kinetic energy still in the water is transmitted as "water hammer" onto pipes, couplings, valves, and seals. This damage can be serious to the pipe system.
Technical specifications for 3RW55 soft starters

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Soft pump stopping with the SIRIUS 3RW55 soft starter

Pipes damaged by water hammer result in serious damage to the plant with consequential high costs, maintenance effort, and production loss. So, pumps should always stop as softly as possible. Abrupt stopping of large volumes of water can be avoided with the pump stop function of the SIRIUS 3RW55 soft starter.

How can the SIRIUS 3RW55 soft starter protect your plant from water hammer?

The torque control slows down the pump to prevent the volume flow in the pipe system from stopping abruptly. The Soft Torque pump stopping function of the 3RW5 soft starter ensures that the pump stops under torque control. The Soft Torque function not only reduces the torque impulse shortly before the rated speed is reached but also supports pump stopping and gently stops the motor. The water hammer effect is avoided and with it the mechanical load on the system. This means lower maintenance costs and a longer plant life.
Choosing the right soft starter for your plant

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