Position and safety switches

3SE5, 3SE6, 3SF1 position safety switches

SIRIUS position and safety switches handle the precise detection of motion sequences in machines and plants in just about all applications. Whether they are used to detect positions, limit the movement of specific machine components, monitor the position of movable protective devices, or are incorporated in safety circuits according to EN ISO 14119 – our mechanical switches and non-contact sensors are able to manage the wide range of information in the field, even under the harshest conditions.

Technical specification for position and safety switches

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No scope for manipulation

Capturing a wide variety of information, such as motion sequences and conditions in the field, requires precise devices on which one can rely: SIRIUS position and safety switches – for virtually any application in the field. They offer reliable shutdown of machines and plants in fault or hazard situations, even in extreme ambient conditions.

Mechanical position switches


Modular and flexible – SIRIUS 3SE5 position switches

  • Versions with positive opening for safety category SIL 1 / PL c, indicated with (→)
  • Versions for extreme environmental conditions such as enhanced corrosion protection (ECP) or -40°C
  • Metal or plastic enclosure according to EN 50047 and EN 50041
  • Large number of combination options thanks to various types of contact, roller and connector
  • Complete units and modular designs for high degree of flexibility and low stock keeping costs
  • Fast on-site diagnostics per LEDs
  • ASIsafe electronics integrated in the basic enclosure

Mechanical safety switches

3SE5, 3SF1

Precise and reliable – SIRIUS 3SE5, 3SF1 safety switches

Following detection the safety switches relay the signals to evaluation units, e.g. the SIRIUS 3SK safety relay or the SIRIUS 3RK3 modular safety system, compatible with the SIMATIC PLC.


While 3SE5 position switches with positive opening (indicated with (→)) make safety category SIL 1 / PL c possible, safety category SIL 2 / PL d can be achieved with just one safety switch. Depending on the application requirements, different switches can furthermore be combined in order to achieve the higher safety category SIL 3 / PL e.


Safety switches with separate actuator without tumbler protect doors and covers by shutting off the machine upon opening. The safety switches with separate actuator with tumbler offer additional safety as they prevent accidental or intentional opening of protective doors, protective grilles or other covers as long as a dangerous situation is present (such as follow-on motion during shutdown).


Safety switches with separate actuator provide increased manipulation protection through 3D-coded actuators. Actuators are available in a range of forms and materials and must be ordered separately. The actuator heads, which can be rotated through 4x90°, can be approached from four sides and above with an actuator.


Hinge switches for mounting on hinge axes are used in those areas where the position of swiveling protective devices such as doors or flaps is monitored.


With the 3SF1 safety switches for AS-i the ASIsafe electronics are integrated in the switch enclosure, meaning the safety functions no longer need to be conventionally wired.

Non-contact safety switches

3SE6 RFID, magnet

SIRIUS 3SE6 non-contact safety switches

The non-contact safety switches are designed for mounting on movable protective guards (hoods, hinge switches, doors, etc.). Evaluation takes place, for example, via the SIRIUS 3SK safety relay or the SIRIUS 3RK3 modular safety system, compatible with the SIMATIC PLC.


SIRIUS 3SE63 non-contact safety switches, RFID

  • Ideal for metal-working machines and plants thanks to RFID transponder rather than magnet technology
  • Particularly high level of protection against interference, tampering and bypassing thanks to diverse coding versions
  • Several RFID switches can be connected in the same safety circuit thanks to integrated crossover, open circuit and external voltage monitoring
  • Only one switch pair required for safety category SIL 3 / PL e
  • Long service life due to wear-free switching
  • Increased plant availability thanks to extensive diagnostics functions
  • Rugged, vibration- and detergent-resistant: IP69 degree of protection
  • Optional magnetic catch (18N) prevents unintentional opening
  • Can be adjusted quickly through a larger switching displacement than mechanical switches and boundary detection by LED indication on the switch


SIRIUS 3SE66, 3SE67 non-contact safety switches, magnet

  • Only one switch pair (3SE66 contact block and 3SE67 coded switching magnet) required for safety category SIL 3 / PL e
  • 3SE66/67 in enclosed design with IP67 degree of protection
  • Long service life due to wear-free switching
  • Suitable for confined spaces thanks to compact enclosure dimensions (for round and square)
  • New design with LEDs, connectors and an additional signaling contact

Communication via AS-Interface: flexible from end to end

The SIRIUS 3SF1 position and safety switches are suitable for networked systems as they can be connected to AS-Interface. The operating state is shown via the LEDs on the AS-i switches, thereby facilitating troubleshooting and saving time.

Quick and easy connection to the AS-i network:

  • No additional wiring as the entire ASIsafe electronics are integrated in the enclosure
  • Via M12 connector, 4-pin
  • Low loading of the data line (170 mA max. current consumption of the magnet) through direct integration of safety switches with tumbler
  • 3SF13...-1BA4 position switches are suitable for series connection for protective door tumblers as they fulfil the high safety category SIL 2 / PL d in addition to the ASIsafe standard. A special logic enables the required double evaluation of the actuator within the switch. This enables the machine to be restarted quickly by unlocking the magnet, without opening the protective door.


The configurator allows easy selection of the best device for each application from this comprehensive range of position and safety switches. For example, if you already know the order data for a device, and simply require a data sheet or the CAD data, just enter the order number into the appropriate field (direct input complete or components) and you will receive the desired information.